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 A short note to Flesh

I read this wonderful journal entry from a girl named Lauren (friend of Lazarus (Jesse) I believe) Thought it was worthy of posting :-)

Dear Flesh~
we have been going steady for a long time now. I just thought it was time to talk about our future. To help us in this discussion I've found a picture that acurately reflects my desire for the very near future. I'm hoping to complete this transition in say the next 5's that picture.....(picture of a military girl with victory flag-kind of like Joan of Arc)
yea in case you need any clarification...i'm the one with the flag...and flesh your the one that just got's kind of hard to see you in the picture because well...your not there.

anyways...i thought you just might want to know what was in store.

Never Yours,

You can find her blog at [url=]Beautifully Ruined[/url]. This entry was from Sept. 5th

So cool to see young people who have a heart for righteousness!


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 Re: A short note to Flesh


So cool to see young people who have a heart for righteousness!

You can say that again!

James Gabriel Gondai Dziya

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