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Discussion Forum : Scriptures and Doctrine : Will God forgive and relieve someone of a foolish vow?

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It depends on the vow. But there is a place in the law where if a women made a foolish vow, the husband could take her to the gates of the city and refute the vow and she was no longer under obligation. Now Christ is our husband and can release us from foolish vows.

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Of course he will........

Colin Murray

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 Re: Will God forgive and relieve someone of a foolish vow?

This question was sort of vague...

But God takes vows very seriously. In Eccl. 5 He says not to make a vow and call it a mistake... He says He has no pleasure in fools who don't fulfill their vows and will destroy the work of their hands. This is just one verse, but I think you get the idea.

Jacob was tricked into marrying Leah, when he meant to marry Rachel, but the covenant was still recognized.

Joshua was deceived into making a covenant with the Gibeonites and God still viewed the terms of the covenant as binding for generations.

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Peter saith unto him, Thou shalt never wash my feet. John 13:8

It really does depend on the vow, the knowledge before taking the vow, and the will of God in the matter. God is the only One who knows the human heart that made the vow, the degree of knowledge or ignorance before making the vow, and His dealing with the heart after the vow was made.

In Peter’s case, he made a FOOLISH vow. If Jesus hadn’t forgiven and relieved him of his foolish vow, “thou hast no part with me” would have been his eternal sentence. We would have never heard of Peter on the day of Pentecost, the lame man at the gate called Beautiful being healed, Peter released from prison … etc. were it not for God’s forgiveness of a foolish vow.

Thank God for undeserved forgiveness of foolish vows when there is repentance!

Michael Strickland

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Now I know how serious a vow to the Lord is, but I have a question. I was once engaged. I know the Lord, but entered into fornication with my fiance. Before our first act we discuseed amongst eachother that back in the day they didnt have legal certificates so we would do like them and just make vows. And we did. I was then convicted about sleeping with her. Since then we broke up. Was I wrong to break that vow of marriage that I had made, even though it was foolish?

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It would depend on 'why' you two broke up - but my first reaction is, yes.

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hi, yes...

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Was I wrong to break that vow of marriage that I had made, even though it was foolish?

Foolish? Yes.

Stupid? Yes.

But a vow was made. Apparently you are being convicted for you better listen to what the Spirit is telling you.

This area gets ready muddy. For example, was anyone of you in a covenant relationship at any time prior to this particular event? In simple language: either one of you divorced with a spouse still living? Since Scripture forbids marrying under such a circumstance, another vow made that conflict with one standing is disorderly at the least.

Then you have the situations where you have homos and lesbians vowing to each other. Well, this relationship is sin before any vows were ever made. Some would declare that vows are meant to be kept regardless of the circumstances. But in a case like this - to vow to sin? Ummm- seems to me this is one that is meant to be broken.

Vows are very serious. Moderns are too flippant, too fickle to understand its meaning. But what does God say?

Make sense?

Sandra Miller

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Yes God will forgive you, for one HE is Kind and merciful, 2nd, He realizes that we cannot even keep the LAw, so how much more a ridiculous vow, that we think we can keep.

my prayers for u go out my friend

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I don't think it's that easy to say, oh yes, all's forgiven. This is something that we don't have all the details about but I can almost hear in this confession an accusation against the woman, for some reason.
Normally it's the Christian man who is the spiritual-head over the woman he's engaged to... just as Joseph was with Mary. Rather than shame her and risk her publically for what he thought was adultery - he was willing to just send her away.

This idea of "we're acting out the OT type marriage" sounds more like something a guy would come up with to get sex more than originating from the woman. Didn't Adam say the woman made him do it?

If we say now - Oh, no sweat brother - what sort of witness is that to young people or those young in the LORD or those unbelievers who look to us as an example - when we're the ones crying out "morality" even from other religions?

If this woman has been publically shamed by the man telling others that "he had her" - then there as well, the man is at fault for shaming her publically and not in the love and fashion of Joseph with Mary - though we all know that Joseph was completely innocent - he protected Mary.

No, this is not an easy "Oops - I'm forgiven now" - This will take going to elders, off of the Net, and confessing and trying to make things right, in one fashion or another with the woman and those who know about her and this sin of the man.

GOD help us all. Amen

 2011/2/3 16:38

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