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 The Little Life-Saving Station

On a dangerous sea coast where shipwrecks
often occurred; there was once a crude life-
saving station. The building wasn't much
to look at, just a small hut, and there was
only one small boat. But the few devoted
members kept constant watch over the sea;
and giving not thought for themselves, rowed
out tirelessly night or day searching for
the lost.
Many lives were saved by this wonderful little
station. So much so, it became widely known
for its rescue efforts. Some of those who
were saved and various others in the neighboring
area wanted to become associated with the
station to give of time and money to support
its work. New boats were purchased and donated
and crews were trained to improve life-saving
measures and methods.
As the life-saving station grew, some of the
members grew unhappy with the building itself
because it was so crude and poorly equipped.
They felt a much more comfortable place should
be provided for those who were rescued at sea.
So the members raised funds forr the station
and replaced the simple cots with beds and
placed better furniture in an enlarged building.
Soon the life-station had become a popular
gathering place for its members. They decorated
it beautifully and furnished it exquisitely
so that it would be welcoming. The life-saving
station's logo still hung upon the wall and
its name was still used to raise funds; but it's
members were no longer interested in braving
the rough waters on rescue missions. The watch
men sometimes slept instead of looking out over
the seas.
About this time; a large ship was wrecked just
off the coast and the hired crews brought in
scores of cold, wet, half-drowned people. The
people were dirty and sick. Many didn't speak
the language. The property committee decided
to have a shower built outside the club with
a closet attached filled with clean clothes
so the victims of shipwrecks could be cleaned
up and properly dressed before coming inside.
At the next meeting of the membership, some
members insisted that the life-saving operations
were the primary reasons for them being there and
pointed out that they were still called a life-
saving station.
The other members of the club voted them down
and told them if they wanted to continue to save
the lives of all the various kinds of people who
were shipwrecked in those waters they should
leave and start their own life-saving station
further down the coast.
And so they did.
As the years went by, the new station also
changed and forgot its mission and lost its
purpose. Shipwrecks still happen often in
those waters; but sadly, most of the people

by Howard Clinebell

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 Re: The Little Life-Saving Station

Thank you posting this!



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