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 Evening Reflections

Daily Devotions from the Daily Light
by Evan Hopkins

May 20

Take heed unto thyself.--I Tim. 4:16

Two things are of the first importance--the doctrine we hold and the life we live. The apostle recognizes the neccessity of taking heed to each, "Take heed unto thyself and onto the doctrine."

It is not enough to make sure that our views are scriptural and our doctrines sound. We must be sound "in charity, in patience" and in practice.

To take heed to oneself does not mean that we should encourage ourselves in the habit of introspection. It means that a spirit of prayer and watchfulness is necessary. It means that health of soul is as essential to the spiritual life as a healthy body is to the natural life. There is such a thing as "getting below par," as to our physical condition. It is when we sink down into a low state of body that we are the most susceptible of disease. We then possess but little power of resistance. How true this is spiritually! Holding a sound doctrine will not compensate for living, active faith on the Lord's word, and prompt obedience to the Lord's will. Where health of soul is wanting, every spiritual faculty is affected.

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 Re: Evening Reflections

Quote: ' of soul...'

How healthy is our soul in God's eyes compared to our own eyes?

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 Re: Evening Reflections

How very true it is that the Lord's will must be first in our thoughts. Wherever we find the people of God walking in success, we find them considering the Lord's will as more important as breath. And it is curious that everywhere we find people obeying the will of God, we also find anger and contempt rising up against them. And isn't this as it should be. "For where I am, my children will be also." If the world hates the Lord (a terrible and unspeakable tragedy, that His creation should hate He who created), will it not also hate those who love Him.

It has come to my attention, and in a way I hope will never leave me, that the one most offended by sin is the One most removed from sin. "We love because He first loved us." He is, beyond question, worthy of all praise, honor, and glory.

By His Grace.

Paul Horton

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