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Discussion Forum : Devotional Thoughts : A Wonderful Depression

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 A Wonderful Depression

When we begin to come aware of our sinfulness, there is accompaniment of sorrow. I've learned to love that sorrow. Not that I appreciate my sin and remain in it because I like being sad. But there's an aspect to understanding the need for Christ's work in my life. It's a continual reminder that the Holiness of God is so much more than we can know in our sinful state.

Paul said, for now we see as through a glass darkly. Then we shall know fully, even as we are fully known. This I look forward to with great expectation and joy. In the present, however, I feel the great sadness of being locked together with this sinful nature.

By His Grace:

Paul Horton

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 Re: A Wonderful Depression

The Lord has been speaking to me about this very thing. When we "truly" give our lives totally to the Lord, we are no longer of this world. Even as Abraham dwelt in tents and looked for a city whose builder and maker is God. Every since that time there have been a called out people. That is why the world hates Jesus and the church, because we are not of this world.

Watchman Nee in his book " The Normal Christian Life" talked about holding a book on your hand straight out by your side. For a while you can hold that book up, but after a while your arm grows tired and the greater law, that of gravity, takes over and you can not hold it up any longer.

Well when we are redeemed from the law, the law of sin and death, a greater law is put in it place, the law of life in Christ Jesus, which makes us free from the law of sin and death. Hallelujah.

yesterday a received a little revelation, I saw water and how when you pour oil into it it floats on the top. You can shake it and it always surfaces to the top. That is what the new birth does for us. We are no longer of this world so now we need to reacon ourselves dead to sin and alive unto God, and walk in newness of life.

We are now free not to sin. Praise the Lord.


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