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 A Renewal of Salvation from Jesus

One day in the dead of winter I came west across I-84 through Cheyenne, Wy. I came up to Elk Mountain pass (a very dangerous and fatal crossing for some). The Lord spoke to me in that tiny whisper of a voice. He told me to sit up in my seat, to tighten my seat belt, to hold the wheel with both hands. With the upcoming mountain and unknown before me, I obeyed gladly. He seemed to say He was about to take me through the pass. Happily, I gave Him my obedience. I’ve only been behind the wheel of this giant hunk of metal for a few months.

We encountered Elk Mountain with all it’s blowing gusts of wind against the trailer and tractor. The snow blowing side ways across the road so that you weren’t sure where the road was. The trailer threatening to leap off the side of the road and take you with it. Looking to the road with the shear ice covering it. Seeing a big rig against the cliff on the other side. Watching other rigs dash side to side as they slipped and were pushed by the wind. All the while, the peace of God was over me with complete calm. He and I meandered through the pass as if in the middle of summer. Down on the other side there was another 100 miles of packed snow on the road. All the way from Larime to Rock Springs we traveled.

On the other side of this chaos the tiny voice came to me again. “I brought you through the wind didn’t I”? I answered, “yes Lord”. I brought you through the drifting and blinding snow didn’t I”? I answered, “yes Lord”. “I brought you over the ice didn’t I”? I answered, “yes Lord”. “Behold, so it will be with you and I. I will take you to my paradise if you will but listen to me”.

And so it has been for me in that GREAT GOD JESUS.

By His Grace:

Paul Horton

 2010/5/9 8:03Profile

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