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Discussion Forum : General Topics : Does the Bible disprove the Theory of Evolution?

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Hemel Hempstead


The Bible is essentially the History of Man!
We went to a conference in Which was called Darwinism is Dead hosted by Moriel which had scientists like Professor Andy Macintosh (Thermodynamics), John Mackay (Geologist,Fossils) and Others.
Stating that some Non Christian Scientists do not believe in Evolution, the most embarrassing thing was the cover of the New Scientist which stated Darwinism is Wrong)( and the embarrassing findings of a T-Rex bone with live red blood cells! and the finding of a dinosaur with skin on and other embarrassing things like this!
People do not understand that things like Fossils actually provide evidence for the Flood as fossils do not form over a slow period of time!
I think it was Rick Oliver was saying that there are massive Warehouses where any fossil that does not agree with the Evolutionary Propaganda is put in a warehouse.
The fossil record essentially provides evidence of a flood! They were also saying that the amount of human fossils mixed in with all the other fossils are too embarrassing to the Evolutionists.
It may not be an of the key note but to state but Mount St Helen's which was a volcano provided evidence that rapid catastrophe provided fossilized wood and such things!

There are other Professors like John C Sandford which goes into Genetic Information a bit more in detail and then you have Professor Stuart Burgess which adds the Teelogical or Design Argument into a bit more depth! There are others like Werner Gitt. Answers in Genesis is a brilliant website to prove Evolution a fallacious argument! It is not Darwin but Charles Lyle and others.

What we have to believe is the Bible is one hundred percent true! Evolution is a scientific argument as you cannot do good science without him!

Dominic Shiells

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