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Discussion Forum : General Topics : Why is Abortion wrong?

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 Why is Abortion wrong?

Hey guys, I'm writing a final research paper for my college English class and i was wondering if you guys can give me some ideas/thoughts on why abortion is wrong.

some website sources or things of that nature would be great.

I know abortion is obviously wrong but I'm sure i can get some interesting information from everyone one here on SI.

Thanks much guys.

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 Re: Why is Abortion wrong?

Gianna Jessen Abortion Survivor in Australia Part 1 & 2

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 Re: Why is Abortion wrong?

Well one of the major issues with abortion is the fact that people argue when life actually happens

Life happens at conception and we can see this in Psalms 139:13 "You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body and knit me together in my mother’s womb."

I do like the Ronald Reagan quote "I've noticed all who are for abortion have already been born."

Matthew Guldner

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 Re: Why is Abortion wrong?

Are you in a secular school?

well, in general many will agree that killing another person is wrong and a lot more will will agree that killing an innocent person is definitely wrong.

Now the big question is_ when does new life begin, when does the new life become a person.

google 'abortion and contraceptive pill', there you may find some 'christian views' on the subject.

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 Re: Why is Abortion wrong?

Francis Schaeffer and C. Everett Koop's Invaluable Impact on Pro-Life Evangelicalism
Schaeffer had always opposed abortion, but the issue took on a new urgency for him in the wake of the Supreme Court's declaration of abortion as a constitutional right in Roe v. Wade. With the help and encouragement of his son, Franky, Schaeffer produced a 10-part documentary film series and an accompanying book entitled How Should We Then Live? The Rise and Decline of Western Thought and Culture (1976)(Which can be viewed on youtube)
Here is an article you may find interesting.

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 Re: Why is Abortion wrong?

Obviously abortion is murder, simply put.

as followers of Jesus, i do believe that what we should do, besides stating this ugly truth, should be to put resource into an alternative, which would be havens, that could care, total care, for any woman, who is in need and desires to turn from this terrible sin, and to care for her, while pregnant, and either help her with life skills, and schooling----or----be able to place this precious life saved, the infant, with a Christian family, should she be unable to effectively be a mother.

i believe there are several ministries in that mold.

 2010/5/7 8:36

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 Re: Why is Abortion wrong?

I don't think most folks know just how horrendous late term abortions really are. The doctor takes a sharp instrument and stabs it into the base of the baby's brain to kill it, then pulls the baby out dead. If the baby didn't die inside the womb they let it lie there on the table with no more procedures because it would be murder after coming out of the mother.

There was a nurse that I saw on a program share this process and how appalled she was. She spoke out against it and has been black balled for her stand.

So they consider it a nothing inside the womb, and immediately upon being pulled our of the womb, person enough that it can't be killed.

I have seen the testimony of the girl who was aborted, I don't remember her name either, but she is missing one arm at the shoulder from the event. She serves Jesus and is radiant. She is praising God that the abortion was unsuccessfull.


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 Re: Why is abortion wrong?

"Why is abortion wrong?"

Abortion is Murder. God hates murder.

 2010/5/7 10:33

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 Re: Why is Abortion wrong?

I know abortion is wrong but to others who don't believe, we must find something that can get their attention. This might or might not do it....

Taken from website:


Fertilization (2 weeks after LMP):

Fertilization normally takes place within one day of intercourse, but can occur up to six days later.[30] [31] At fertilization, the genetic composition of a preborn human is formed.[32] This genetic information determines gender, eye color, hair color, facial features, and influences characteristics such as intelligence and personality.[33]

Genetically speaking, with the exception of identical twins,[34] [35] once a woman conceives a preborn human, the odds against her conceiving the same one again are greater than 10^600 to one.[36] [37] For perspective, there are roughly 10^80 atoms in the known universe.[38]

To me, this is unbelieveable! According to those scientific statistics, if you abort a child, that child will NEVER be born again and anyone who's ever had more than one child and seen how different their children's personalities are; they understand.

Even though my youngest son is giving me some grief at this point in time, I cannot comprehend not having had him in my life.

I hope this helped, if at all; God bless you & your essay!


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