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Discussion Forum : General Topics : I just completed reading the Quran/Koran

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 I just completed reading the Quran/Koran

Whoa boy! It really turned out ot be a chore the last 30% or so because I had already ascertained pretty much what it was about. I met a Muslim person not long ago and he's a really nice person and we have spent hours conversing and talking about the doctrines of Islam and Christianity. I read some of the Quran once and didn't really even know how to get oriented as I went about it. So I thought I would try again and he gave me a version similiar to what our Amplified Bible is - many words etc. in parenthesis to help explain things better. It was long and tedious and very repititive. Supposedly revealed to Mohammed over a period of about 23 years it wasn't very long before he began quibbling with Jews and Christians concerning him being the final and ultimate messenger confirming all that came before. I tried to read the Book of Mormon once and just couldn't do it because the quality of the writing was so low. The Quran and its quality definitely leaves something to be desired. I don't know how I missed it but I never knew before that Islam teaches that Jesus really wasn't crucified. But it staes that plainly in the Quran. And it's impossible for God to have a physical son etc. God incarnate in Christ is a very large stumbling block in Islam. It was very works oriented in its doctrines and states again and again that the Quran confirms all that came before it in the Old Testament and the Gospel. Christ was not divine but only a messenger etc. But now that I've done it maybe it will help me get my foot in a Muslim door if the opportunity ever arises. I am now under a pretty strong opinion that not many Muslims have read the Bible but are relying on what they have been taught since they were very young. My Muslim acquaintance said he read the Bible once when he was in college. I plan to try and give him a Bible (probably a Amplified) so pray if you would that he would take it and begin looking in it here and there and perhaps his eyes may begin to be opened. His name is Muhammed. Ha, that's not too hard of a name to remember is it! I think there is much ahead between Christianity and Islam before this thing is over and nobody is any less if they haven't read the Quran. I know it's not for everybody to do so. Not that you didn't know it or were questioning it in any way, but I can absolutely guarantee you that Christians have the right book. Thank you Jesus.

David Winter

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 Re: I just completed reading the Quran/Koran

I find it fascinating that the gospel is
returning to where it all began in the
Middle East. Missionary reports that when
Muslims are saved; their experience is
much like Paul's; they have a life-changing
encounter and vision of a risen Savior!!

Martin G. Smith

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Intersting... I dont know many (any) Muslims personally so I have not had the desire to read the Q'ran. I do know Mormons and have read the book of Mormon and you are correct. It's kind of the Dr. Suess of "scriptures". Thanks for the info! I was not aware that they deny the crucifixion. I guess that explains how a lot of them deny the attempted extermination of the Jews during WWII too.


 2010/5/4 12:42

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