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 Two Vital Elements by Alan Martin

Two Vital Elements
by Alan Martin

Let us seek to give ourselves to fully lay hold of these two vital elements:

1. "The meek shall He guide in judgment" - "The meek shall He teach His way."

2. "With the lowly is wisdom" and "God gives grace to the humble."

In these two heart "attitudes" we see the correct posture to receive GUIDANCE and GRACE.

We remain in desperate need of both of these each and every day: MEEKNESS and LOWLINESS

Both MEEKNESS and LOWLINESS can only be learned as we learn them from Jesus: "Learn of ME for I AM meek and lowly of heart and you shall fiind rest unto your souls."

May we allow our spiritual focus to become fixed upon the Author and FINISHER of our faith so that we might fully know HIS MEEKNESS and LOWLINESS. The promise once this is attained is REST. This is the rest that we are strongly encouraged to see to it that NONE of YOU be found to have fallen short of. The Holy Spirit has been given to take our Lord's meekness and lowliness and make them known to us. This is the UNITY of the Spirit we greatly need. We all need to know the meekness and lowliness of Jesus as members of one body - fully unified in the faith.

Let's fix the eyes of our hearts upon Jesus and fix the ears of our hearts upon hearing His Spirit. The result will be the spiritual rest we are longing for. This spiritual place of rest is the eternal life of fully knowing Jesus and the Father. This is the spiritual place where we fellowship with God, the spiritual Eden from which the river of life flows. The river of life flows out of the garden where we fellowship with God and it waters the places wherever it flows and gives life.

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