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 Prosperity Gospel in Africa Video

Recently featured in Andrew Strom's blog, this video is tragic and stark:


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 Re: Prosperity Gospel in Africa Video

May the Lord have mercy, my eyes are open to the great deception of this gospel and its great danger it has to its followers. I started crying when they showed the guy asking for people that could give 100 dollars all the way down to 1 dollar.

Matthew Guldner

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 Re: Prosperity Gospel in Africa Video

i watched this video on youtube and its really sad. The preacher was obviously not as polished in his manipulation of doctrine but didn't need to be as he could easily enough manipulate the poor villagers desperation. Arent we supposed to help out these poor people instead of exploit them. My parents were African immigrants that settled in London i was born in England and lived for a few years out in Africa and i tell you one thing if you live in the west and have decent employment you are financially rich by default. If i was unemployed in England the government would give me enough money a month that could feed and average of eight 3rd world families. Yet when i had that prosperity greed in my heart i wanted to be rich to help the poor not realizing the greed that had ensnared my heart. If you have employment in the western world you are already rich so you can start helping out a few families without a significant change in income. Its almost as if we are saying we know better than God my telling him that we need money before we just get on with doing his will. Didnt he feed a multitude with a few loaves of bread? didnt he send out his disciples with nothing and yet they were provided for? He did all this miraculous deeds of provision to illustrate his providence but we simply wont trust him and now we are exporting the prosperity gospel to africa. There was an explosion of the gospel of greed in nigeria and some of the churches being built out there are make even some of the mega churches look minicue. There was a surge of men with a prophetic word of prosperity backed by the likes of copeland and creflo dollar. But guess what happened when the muslims started to persecute and kill hundreds of christians recently? The multitude of "propehtic", "i hear directly from jesus", "forget what the bible says" men of God were all silent with no word for our christian brothers in persecution. As a former victim it breaks my heart to see this deception go on anywhere in the world. If we could simply put any old doctrine together and it would be acceptable to God why did Jesus warn us to stay on the straight and narrow road? Why did he say it was a road few find. Its time to put our western comfort aside and contend for the faith.

Sorry this was so long winded.

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God bless you Rainman, flesh and blood has not revealed this to you but the Spirit of God. I am also from London and I know that the prosperity gospel is rife among African immigrants. I myself had given into it and it almost consumed my soul.
I have met some precious African brothers and sisters like yourselves that have distanced themselves from this sort of leaven but they are a minority. The very fact that so many Christians from poor countries come to London makes me wonder if God has really called them or they just follow the money trail. I pray that some of them here will be moved by compassion and share some of their surplus they made in the UK with their poorer fellows in their home country as you said.

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