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I am not sure how one can love the world and at the same time call them degenerates.Its so easy to love those that love us, but to love the unloveable is Frank

I guess I did a really poor job of trying to convey what I was so sadden by in this whole exchange. I was not judging this woman or her daughter. I know that I to am a sinner only saved by a merciful and forgiving God who loved me even when I do not deserve it. I know God loves this mom and her daughter too, that is why I said in my other posts that I am praying for them to see their need for Jesus. My comment was because this was her mom and I guess I just have never known a mom to give such bad advice, or guidance to their teenage daughter before. As a mom her example to her daughter surprised me. I guess i always think as moms we should want the very best for our children and that is not always the case. I did not mean to offend anyone with my post, I know full well that my own sin put Jesus on the cross and that my sin grieves the Father just as much as this moms did. As I said before i have been praying for them and will continue as the Lord give me leading. I rechecked my first post and I did ask if the world had degenerated to such a state that was this a normal conversation for mothers and daughters. To clarify I was not calling them degenerates I was talking about the state of this fallen world as a whole. I never felt anger or anything like that for this woman, just surprise at how she was with her daughter.

Sorry for posting, sorry for the confusion.
God Bless

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Hey Maryjane, I do not doubt for a second that you do not consider these people "degenerates." I never read where you said that. What I do know is that you are a sensitive follower of the Lord Jesus. Yet, its a good reminder for all of us that Jesus came to die because the Father so loved the world. I think in the context of history, today is no more wicked than the last 1900 years. In fact a good argument could be made that the generations that preceded us had it way worse than we do. I grew up with the kind people that you overheard, and that was not yesterday :) God loves them and cares for them and came to "set the captives free." Its the Spirit of the Lord that gives us a love for the unloveable, it is certainly a supernatural thing. There are forces hat would have us concentrate on how wicked the world is, yet the Father loved the world, while they were yet in their sins, so much that He sent His Son to die for them. God bless you Frank

 2010/4/24 19:52

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MaryJane don't apologise for your post - it was not you that called them degenerates. There is nothing wrong with what you posted.
I too would have been upset by what you witnessed, but believe me there is much worse out there too! and it will only get worse still, as scripture says that last days will be 'as it was in the days on Noah' when there was such an increase in wickedness that even God regretted making mankind!
Evil will come to fruition for all to see, so God will be seen to be truly just in His judgements.

The days are getting darker where the love of most will grow cold, but that will only show God's people all the brighter! 'All men will know you are My disciples by your Love for one another'
I witnessed such evil when working with the police and was angry that the church was so unaware of what was happening in their own town.
On one occasion I had a three & five year old brother and sister sitting with me in the early hours of the morning, found by PC's walking the streets because their mum was out with her boyfriend and the dad out with a girlfriend and had locked them out because they didn't want them to be in the house alone!! The mind boggles at such parents!!

MaryJane, as Frank said, you have such sensitivity and there's nothing wrong with that, but you don't need to apologise - just be yourself!

Ceri Elaine

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 Re: I was shocked

Degenerate: –noun
a person who has declined, as in morals or character, from a type or standard considered normal.

I don't really think I've misused the word according to the definition given by a dictionary...

I think everyone here agrees that a woman condoning the physical assault of another person's daughter to be an "act of morality, below the standard of normal."

Not smearing anybody, and not accusing anybody of judging, simply stating reality as it is.

Sam Yoon

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MaryJane, I agree with you as I also agree with Ceri. Neither one of you has to apologize for expressing your horror at behaviours observed.

I never heard exactly what MaryJane did but I, and others, have heard other, similar things - and these incidents are becoming quite commonplace. We talk about it, not just the women, the men do too.

In our area the chief contributor is single parenthood. Many babies are born to single women and it is no accident they got pregnant - they wanted to be pregnant. But they have ZERO parenting skills. They don't want a man around much longer then it takes to get them pregnant. (Big job there for some males - to teach the young males what being a man means! Some think that to be a man is to father children and excel in basketball/football! and then many get involved in drug trafficking because it is easy money -until you get caught. I know something about that, having sat on a grand jury two times.)

Am I mad? You bet I am! You can talk to them until you are blue in the face and yes, they know they are sinning but they want a baby! Other girls are doing fine! And what is fine? They can go apply for medicaid which will pay the medical expenses, and go to some housing authority and they can get an apartment - all at the taxpayers expense. And, and....

These gals need the LORD but the government makes sinning so comfortable for them, paying the way for them that it stifles the voice of the Spirit. Since these poor little children grow up without a dad they get involved in all kinds of devilment and many end up in the penal system.

An interesting thing happens at VBS. Most of the children that come are from one parent homes although more then two generations may live there. The age limit for students to is 14 years old. Since the VBS has been ongoing for several years the older ones come anyways so the staff has to come up with classes for them, too. But they come - they come to Kidz Klubs during the week. And they love it...

Our male leader at Kidz Klubs does work projects with the boys. They clear brush from the woods behind our church house, made paths, built wooden this leader and his family are moving to another locality to work on church planting. When these boys found this out they were upset that he was leaving!

It is a wild and unruly world out there. The work is so over whelming - all because people choose to ignore God. (Here is Mississippi people are very religious, even the ones I talked about..)

Got on a rabbit trail here.....can you find your way back? You might find some baby rabbits along the way...


Sandra Miller

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