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 Wow! Jesus Did It!!

Wow! Jesus Did It!!

Did you ever read ANYTHING in the Old Testament (God’s First Covenant with His People) and find yourself thinking, “Wow, this is frightening in the EXACTNESS and PRECISION and incredible DETAIL that God requires His People to live and NOT FORGET!” Do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed by the weightiness and importance of it, seeing how your life and connection to God’s People are at stake over it? How about realizing with a resounding “WOW!!!!!!!” every time you read about some way of doing something or not doing it that sounds so fearfully overwhelming and impossible to manage, or you tremble at the severity of the consequences of not doing it right. Just think: Jesus DID it!! At every point, in every minute detail He actually fulfilled every one of these requirements! This should serve to inspire our hearts to marvel at Him. What kind of INCREDIBLE Being has actually exceeded this unfathomable standard in every area of living while dwelling in mortal flesh?!! Furthermore, He did it FOR YOU. So with your life hidden in Him, you have done that too, and the essence of THAT SAME AMAZING BEING now resides IN YOU—WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW!!!!!! Wouldn’t you like to know Him and everything about Him? Look at what He is like!!

When I look to Jesus it does cause me to marvel, HE is amazing in every way! When I look to HIM and see all that HE has done for me, I am so overcome with awe!! What a gift to spend time with HIM, what a joy and treasure to know HIM!

God Bless

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 Re: Wow! Jesus Did It!!

This very thing happens just when I read the first 2 or 3 verse in John 1. Trying to think of it all kind of blows my mind! Jesus is awesome and played a vital role in your personal creation and life!

Matthew Guldner

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 Re: Wow! Jesus Did It!!

Amen, Praise God. Jesus is Lord, he has risen, and has conquered death...

Jeremiah Dusenberry

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 Re: Wow! Jesus Did It!!

I can't agree more with you. I've been reading in Hebrews and it's amazing what is written in Chapter 2. It speaks about how Jesus was made just like you and me...a man in the flesh. He was tempted in EVERY way as I am, and yet he lead an overcoming life. He is the author of my faith. He climbed the mountain that I am slowly working my way up. It's amazing to me that there are Brothers and Sisters out there that don't believe Jesus came to be our example of a holy life.

I want to know everything about Him...but more importantly, I want to be like Him. That should be the goal we all strive for. God Bless you.

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