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 First the heart has to be dealt with

God's ways are so mysterious. He said "My ways are not your ways and My thoughts are not your thoughts"...

I am certainly discovering this, as He always searches out my heart and it's motives.

Throughout my life God has and is continually saving me (the Salvation message); but I amaze at HOW He works.

There was a time, a good while ago, that when I was alone all day, I often had to have either the tv or radio going and half the time I was not even listening to it. It was just a bad habit, because I did not like silence all day. Anyway, in a couple of weeks the Lord dealt with that by getting me to be used to silence. I never looked back since that day, and that was some years ago. But then I was landed with another problem, because I so relished in this silence and freedom, that when I was with my Christian friends who were occupied with the same old habit I was previously, I grew rather intolerant, for no matter what I said to them, they could not see it. In fact, I used to get so annoyed, thinking they were rebellious, and was always praying that they would see the Light. I struggled with this for a long time, and my prayers were not getting answered. But I was also struggling inwardly with the annoyance it was causing me, even though I tried not to show it. I knew there was something not quite right in myself.

After seeking the Lord, He showed me that I was approaching this whole thing from the wrong motive. I wanted them to change their ways because it was an annoyance to "me", when I was with them.

God also showed me that what I REALLY NEEDED was the faith to believe that with God's Grace, on surrendering myself entirely to Christ, that He could express HIS LOVE through me towards my friends, and that would overcome the whole situation. (for His Love is patient and kind). He would convict others, just has He had convicted me of having the wrong motives.

So, I finally surrended everything up to the Lord, also I surrended myself to Him to be used more fully of Him.

So it proved to me that God does things HIS way, and in His time.
He does it all. Thanks be to God.

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