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 It seems to me . . .

I was just watching some video clips on Elvis Presley on YouTube and it was really strange to contemplate the trap that I used to be caught up in - it is like there are two different worlds being lived out simultaneously. The life I lived then, and the life I live now - somehow they overlap and it causes me so much sorrow to look back at the things that I used think had value - and to see others that either were, or still are, trapped there. And sometimes in my daily life it is like the old things are trying to come forward - but praise God, He keeps me from them - but there are those around me that are still trapped. Unfortunately my tears do not seem to be able to release them - and my heart hurts.

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 Re: It seems to me . . .

It is like this:

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Good morning, Heartsong,

The link did not work but there was no need for further illustration, my husband and I both understand what you are feeling/saying. Praise the Lord we have been given 'eyes that see.' It is through His good Grace that we are saved - Amen

I sometimes feel like shaking the ones 'trapped' and saying "Wake up before it is too late." I try my best to teach/show by example but when I try and relate a personal 'miraculous' event, they discount it as 'luck.' We can only pray for them.

I keep this on my calendar as a memory cue card: My Lord sent me forth with His message, I am just a Courier. It is beyond my ability to make it work - His Holy Spirit does all the work - even in myself.

Hope you are well,
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