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 A Spiritual Will

I thought you might enjoy reading this 'Spiritual Will' of a man named Lloyd Schiedel, who just recently passed away. He attended my parents' church. I know you'll agree that the 'riches' that he's passed on to his children and grandchildren through this 'Spiritual Will', far exceed the value that his family would have received, had he left them a million dollars. What a blessing to those concerned to have a father/grandfather like this in their lives. Praise God !

My Spiritual Will

"I Lloyd Schiedel being of sound mind and disposing memory, mindful of the brevity of life, and having placed my faith and confidence in Jesus Christ, my Saviour and Lord, who redeemed my soul through His shed blood and death upon Calvary's Cross for my sins and who this assures me of eternal life, do hereby make, publish and declare this to be my abiding Spiritual Will and Testament. I most joyfully acknowledge the Holy Scriptures to be the Word of God and have gained full assurance of heaven, where I now abide, through their divinely inspired words.

Knowing that this Testament will not be revealed until my departure, be assured that I have prayed for the spiritual well being of all my posterity- children and children's children and extended family as well; also for my friends, neighbours and associates. In accord with Holy Scripture, I most solemnly appeal to each of them to be sure of their personal acceptance of Jesus Christ as their own personal Saviour. It is my desire that this Last Spiritual Will and Testament be given to those who gather at the time of my promotion into God's glorious heavenly kingdom, from whence I shall eagerly await their coming to join me in that eternal company of the redeemed.

I shall have no greater joy than to know that my children walk in truth and that I shall see them again in heaven. May all my loved ones take great comfort in the assurance of my present estate. I love each one of you and by God's grace will see you again in the radiant light of the presence of God, the angels, the saints of the ages, and in a state of eternal bliss."

Signed May 16, 2000- Lloyd Schiedel

In Jesus,

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