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 RE:Deciding to leave my work to serve God

Paul continued to work as a tentmaker and provided ministerial services at no charge. When he collected money, he collected it for others such as the poor saints in Jerusalem. Are you prepared to work in Christian ministry without making an income from it?

McDonald's and Chili's charge big fees and require significant contractual obligations before you can run one of their restaurants. Sadly, many treat Christian ministry as if it were a free franchise and they operate a business and generate an income as if they were no-obligation franchisees.


 2010/4/21 6:51Profile


that's awesome!

what made you do it?

 2010/4/27 8:07


While I agree with the premise of this thread, you are ignoring the fact that Paul did allow for those who ministered the Word of God to be paid. I agree, not getting paid to preach is the best way to go. A salaried pastor has to be careful what he says in order to be able to feed his family... but Paul did allow for them to eat.

Gotta use the whole Word of God... everything in context.

It is not a sin for a pastor to get a paycheck and serve full time. But he should serve by being in the Word 90% of the time and letting the Christians in the pews do the work of visiting the sick, the inprisoned, etc...


 2010/4/29 12:55

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