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 Deciding to leave my work to serve God

I am asking for prayer and support. I am an equestrian and work with horses. I have loved horses my whole life and am actually at a point I can help my family finances with what I do, and I can especially earn a good living teaching if this summer's competition season is successful, which we need, since my husband must retire & we still have a child at home. There are affluent people and idolatry around me everywhere. Many of these people/idolaters claim to know Christ. They would spend thousands at a tack store or to import a horse at the drop of a hat, but cannot spare a moment for prayer or fellowship, much less serve someone less fortunate- It doesn't make me angy so much as grieved. I really want to walk away from it all, though many would think I'm nuts. It's so hard for the people I'm around to understand their desperate plight when they believe they have everything- their wealth makes them untouchable. I feel this on my heart constantly, but where to go? I see the world all over the place in the churches, too, and it's driving me crazy. I am considering spending some serious time fasting and praying to work through this. I would appreciate any prayer support, scipture, sermon suggestions. I have always loved working with horses, but don't want what the world thinks a successful life is, I want a life that honors and serves God. I feel terribly alone in this, even though my husband and child believe also.

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 Re: Deciding to leave my work to serve God

I am praying that you will have wisdom from God in this.

I am not claiming to know what God would have you do, but do have something for you to think about. God does call some to live a life of full-time ministry. But our greatest ministry field is the day to day walk of life. Perhaps there are some of those you work with to whom you can minister. Don't worry about how much or little you make. God uses money as a tool. It is a necessary item to the spread of the gospel on earth because it is the medium of exchange here. It is just a tool like a curry comb or a farrier's anvil. It does not have to drive your life as it does others. As to the environment being difficult, I have worked for 7 years as a highway construction inspector. The level of sin and environment of sin around highway construction is difficult at times. I rely on my fellowship with other believers a lot for encouragement and strength. God has used me to minister to several men in this job. I have seen a few men who work in this industry who are on fire for the Lord and minister in the middle of it as well. I have come to see these men as lost and in need of what I have.

Just a perspective. I am praying you will know what to do and also that you will be strengthened and encouraged by the Holy Spirit.



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 Re: wisdom from God

I too, am praying for this. I guess sometimes when you live in a vacuum, so to speak, it's not easy to remember others deal with this too. It's beautiful to work with these creatures God created, but the idolatry around them that is the industry just overwhelms me sometimes. This has caused me a lot of sadness, anxiety and stress, but I am thankful that God has not allowed my heart to be hardened to it. Thank you for praying for me. I need strength and courage because some of those in the industry are so ruthless and hateful. It makes me sad because I know God can give them so much more, even life. Well, I'm off to ride and with God's help I will try my best to be excellent in all I do today.

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