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Joined: 2008/2/29
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 Happy Birthday Brother Greg!!

Wishing you a very special day, my brother.

We are so thankful for you! God has and is using you greatly to connect the body worldwide, who have not been satisfied with shallow modern day Christianity. We thank you for brushing off the dust, for recovering sermons and teachings of many mighty men of God from bygone days that we can sink our teeth into. There is nourishment to be found in their words and lives! Also, A big thank you for awakening us to the dire need of a revival in our day; and the great effort you have made to help us set our sails when/should it come, by way of the revival conferences. God has been much glorified by your life, my brother!

I have been praying very regularly for you. I believe I know some of what your heart's desire would be, and am praying specifically for them. Be encouraged, eye have not seen, nor ear heard what God has prepared for those that love and fear Him! He has great plans for you! Your future is bright!! Rest in Him!

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 Re: Happy Birthday Brother Greg!!

Feliz Cumpleanos Hermano!!

I'm glad you are a weak man so that God can get more Glory and use you mightily!!!!

(you guys know what I mean...too much Paul Washer=)God led me to this website and it gave me my second wind, so to speak.

Leonardo Santana

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Nice... Happy birthday daughter's B-day is today also... April 13th... remember when you stayed at our home in Rochester, NY a few years ago? my family still remembers your visit... "that really tall guy with the beard".

love you brother,

Doug R

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"Pilgrim and Sojourner." - 1 Peter 2:11


Thank you saints. I am 31 years old now and God has been very good to me. I am anticipating a year of trusting the Lord and serving Him for His approval alone!

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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 Re: The years just seem to pass you by

It is the Spirit of God that works in use BOTH to will and to do, according to his good pleasure…

It is this same Spirit that leads us to repentance and into all TRUTH.

It is this same Spirit when silent speaks a multitude of words.

-Red Wine

Happy Birthday

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Happy Birthday brother Greg! Count your blessing, thank God for the trials, see God in everything and you will be reminded of his grace, mercy, faithfulness, and goodness.

Keep faithful to the task/ vision God entrusted to you.Become that vision, be faithful, and finish strong so that God will get all the Glory!

I just want to let you know that I've been blessed numerous times on this site. So I thank God for this ministry.

by his grace,
bro. Eugene

 2010/4/13 14:26Profile

Joined: 2004/7/7
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Happy Birthday! May God's richest blessings rest upon you as you continue to serve him.


Sandra Miller

 2010/4/13 16:57Profile

Joined: 2006/11/7
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 Re: Happy Birthday Brother Greg!!

Huge happy birthday to you brother Greg. You have been such a blessing to us, we pray much blessing on your.


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Joined: 2006/9/13
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Happy birthday Greg. May the Lord bless you greatly as you continue forward in Him.

 2010/4/14 0:24Profile


Happy Birthday Brother Greg. I have been richly blessed by your work for the Lord. You are such a blessing to many. Thank you for everything.


 2010/4/14 6:03

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