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 Selling My Library of Books - Take a Look

Over the last few years I've collected books that for the most part I never made use of. I feel this was a very poor thing for me to do. In an effort to be a good steward, I'm trying to get rid of these books I bought and place them in hands that might find some benefit from them. So here's a list of my library of books which I'm selling. Please feel free to email me for whichever one you'd like. I'll be sure to sell these books at a good price. I do ask that if you'd like one of these books to please make sure that you'll read it! I would hate for you to fall into the same habit I fell into. Thank you. My email is the list is as follows:

The Reformed Pastor By Richard Baxter - New

The Doctrine of Repentance By Thomas Watson - New

The Godly Man's Picture By Thomas Watson - New

The Bruised Reed By Richard Sibbes - New

Love That Lasts By Gary & Betsy Ricucci - New

The Enemy Within By Kris Lundgaard - Mostly New w/some creases on cover

Sex and the Supremacy of Christ By John Piper & Justin Taylor - New

William Carey and The Missionary Vision By Daniel Webber - New

Knowing Scripture By R.C. Sproul - New

Feminine Appeal By Carolyn Mahaney - Used but almost like new

The Truth War By John MacArthur - New

Sinners In The Hands of An Angry God By Jonathan Edwards - New w/very minor warping around edge on cover

Institutes of the Christian Religion By John Calvin - New w/very minor warping around edge on cover

They Were Pilgrims By Marcus L. Loane - New

The Bondage Of The Will By Martin Luther - New

Desiring God By John Piper - Used but almost like new

The Counselor By A.W. Tozer - New

The Pursuit of Man By A.W. Tozer - New

Letters On Revival By Ebenezer Porter - New

Autobiography of George Muller By George Muller - New

Praying Hyde By E. G. Carre - New

How to Have Real Joy By Charles Spurgeon - New

Revival Praying By Leonard Ravenhill - New

The Practice of The Presence of God By Brother Lawrence - New

The Kneeling Christian By An Unknown Christian - New

I Don't Have Enough Faith To Be An Atheist By Norman L. Geisler & Frank Turek - Used but almost like new

Decisions, Decisions By Dave Swavely - New

Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ By John Piper (2) - New

Don't Waste Your Life By John Piper - New

Demons & Deliverance By H. A. Maxwell Whyte - New

The Deceivers By Josh McDowell & Bob Hostetler - New

Humility By Andrew Murray - New

Power, Passion, & Prayer By Charles G. Finney - New

Secret Power By D.L. Moody - New

 2010/4/11 21:32

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 Re: Selling My Library of Books - Take a Look

You could donate them to Denny (on this site) who runs a website He uses that money to support missions in China and at abortion mills in his area.

I'm sure you would like to recoup some of the money but thought I would throw out the suggestion.

David Benoit

 2010/4/11 22:02Profile


thanks for the suggestion

 2010/4/12 0:13

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