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 LR Quotes


I just created a pdf of Lenords Quotes.
A little story: about 20 years ago my pastor let me read a book by Ravenhill (Sodom had no bible)I finished it in one sitting and purchased my own copy.

then he let me read another titled Why revival tarries.

The following sunday I sat down in his office and said "I don't think I am a real christian".

He ask me why and I replied "I don't pray enough and i don't feel after reading these two books that I have a zeal like Ravenhill".

His answer was when you have lived for Christ for decades like Ravenhill and you still feel this way... then maybe you really weren't. You have only been a christian for a few years, your still a babe in Christ. Don't coompare yourself to giants in the faith.

William Cato

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