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yes, it's all about the heart.

I think when we're confused that's where we should look.

 2010/4/10 1:15

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Hi there,

be at rest bible4life, everything is fine.
I understand your feelings but they are rooted in a deep insecurity you have, you do not really rest in the Love of the Father. So you are bothered and feel condemned about many things. And since you desire to please God in every detail, the enemy can use the woundedness of your heart to condemn you and make you feel God is always tense and waiting for you to make a mistake and so you live in a inner tension. Remember this:

"There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus".

Your desire to please the Lord is very good. But remember, there is only ONE MAN the Father is pleased with. That man is Jesus. Apart from THE WORD nothing of any value comes into being. All your striving will amount and avail to nothing. Ask the Lord to bring you into healing and reveal to you HIS salvation, not your striving.

If you can lay hold of this and believe this, it will revolutionize your walk with God. Christ has purchased an eternal salvation for you and He loves you and He is not having a measuring rod all the time waiting to punish you.

Jesus says: "Come to me, and learn from me, for I am meek and gentle and lowly in my heart". God is very gracious and gentle, He is wonderful!


Daniel Sahm

 2010/4/10 7:49Profile

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