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 Do you depend on heroes?

This is a word that has been on my heart for quite a while. Over the years I have been blessed by the teaching ministries of men with great giftings. I am now getting more and more uneasy about these ministries when they are centred around one man with an extraordinary gifting however true and helpful it may be. I have first hand witnessed undue admiration of “great men of God” and I myself have been there. I good friend of mine actually made me aware that I have too many heroes.
When these men fall or apostatise or compromise, their followers do the same. Sometimes we even take on their mannerisms and figure of speech. God uses men in revivals and movements, but once these movements centre around these men, the seed of decay gets into it. I think this is the reason why Jesus was careful with crowds and often hid himself.

John 6:15
When Jesus therefore perceived that they would come and take him by force, to make him a king, he departed again into a mountain himself alone.

It is often not the intention of these men to become famous, but fame has destroyed many a devout servant once mightily used of God. How will we ever be able to make up the true body of Christ when we are always looking for heroes? Is not Christ the head of the church and we are his body?

We have to be able to get more out of our own prayer, bible reading and fellowship than reading Christian books or listening to mp3s. I must say that SI helped me a great deal to come out of my own back-slidden state and I have been greatly enriched. This may be good to point us towards the right direction, but ultimately we ourselves have to be taught by the Holy Spirit and do not depend on heroes of faith. This can rob you of authenticity because you rely on man rather than God. Second hand blessings are cheaper than first hand blessings. They do not require the sweat of labouring in Christ as they are digitally delivered to your ears. As long as they are a complementary resource they are perhaps alright. But if you get your "spiritual fix" only from online sermons you are in danger growing cold.

May this <edited> is a word for some here in the SI community.

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 Re: Do you depend on heroes?

As it is, have we ever considered that these 'hero's' also had their hero's, men of God that they looked up to?

The Bible gives us Hebrews 11 of those who's faith in God was evidenced by what they achieved through God.

There are people we can admire because of their faith in God, however, should they start to turn away from God, we are to be careful that we too do not turn away from God.

That isn't admiration, that's the worship of man.

But, you do make a good and valid point.

God bless.

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That's a valid point and I think our human nature is to blame. We are a works-based culture where we make idols of superstar athletes, beautiful actors, and musicians based on their works.

It's in our nature that we do that, so it can also affect our christian faith.

I agree with enid that we can admire other people's faiths, as long we don't make those spiritual giants, our idols.

This has been a great warning for me because I feel like these days that I'd rather listen to sermons than spend time with God because it feels so dry reading passages sometimes.

thanks guys!

 2010/4/10 4:30

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