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I believe this tract has the answer of many who are trying to put their burdens on others when God is actually calling them to walk with those burdens alone if others will not come.

Oh to follow Christ fully no matter what the cost nor matter who comes with you! Follow Him.

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I contacted Pilgrim Tract Society of Randleman, NC. They said, "Yes we have the tract “Others May You Cannot” by G. D. Watson."
They have lots of good holiness tracts. They are very inexpensive and cheaply printed for distribution around the world. Here is the link to their website:

Pilgrim Tract Society Inc
PO Box 126 / 105 W Depot St
Randleman NC 27317 USA
Phone & Fax: (336) 495-1241


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Bless your heart brother learjet! I just thought I needed to retrieve this thread with a simple *bump*. I am amazed to see how God works. May you be richly blessed by His grace!

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 Re: Others May, You Cannot - Tract Shared by Ravenhill

Thanks sir,it really stresses on a challenge i have to deal with...its a blessing indeed.

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I made this tract into a pdf so that you folks could read it all in one whack. Additionally, I tried to get it working on Google Docs but it keeps formatting the thing to google docs format so that it's screwed up.

You can get the file here:


If you want you can download it and add it here, I had to use this link because I don't know of any other file sharing services (I have my own server so I don't have any use for them) feel free to download from there and upload it here and delete my post.

Just please share it with others, after reading it my life started to make sense. It's that good!

Hope this is a blessing, and peace to all of you!

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Here is another site to download the PDF from. Thank you for being this back up!


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This is a great tract. I have heard Paul Washer speak on this tract in regards to brother Ravenhill. I will definitely forward these words to my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. Thank you.

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