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 Others May, You Cannot - Tract Shared by Ravenhill


Leonard Ravenhill shared this little tract with many people. And I have had the privilege of someone sending an actual copy that was given to them by Ravenhill. This tract has blessed me in a very deep way even recently and I pray it touches many others lifes for the glory of God.

IMAGES of the tract:

Front Side:

Back Side:

TEXT of the tract

Others May, You Cannot By G.D.Watson

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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 Re: Others May, You Cannot - Tract Shared by Ravenhill

The words of this tract have been posted several times here on SermonIndex and I have found them to be a tremendous blessing. They always seem to appear at just the right time.

 2010/3/30 3:19Profile

 Re: Others May, You Cannot - Tract Shared by Ravenhill

It really touched my heart. Thank you brother Greg for sharing this. I pray that the Lord will make it true in my life.

 2010/3/30 3:36

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 Re: Others May, You Cannot - Tract Shared by Ravenhill

This defintely encouraged my heart, Thanks for posting!

Matthew Guldner

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 Re: Others May, You Cannot - Tract Shared by Ravenhill

I hope I'm not breaking any rules on advertising, but this tract, or something very similar, still seems to be available from the original publishers. Inflation has taken it's toll, so they now cost $6.00 for one hundred, instead of $2.50, but still a bargain, compared to the value of the message.

[url=]Others May, You Cannot[/url]

Kind regards


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Wow I am so upset I ordered the tract from tract league but there have been adjustments to the text that water it down and it unshareable to my friends

they even took out the poem at the end!
sigh there goes $22

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 Re: Others May, You Cannot - Tract Shared by Ravenhill


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 Re: Others May, You Cannot - Tract Shared by Ravenhill

Would you rescan that in Black and White. I already captured the colors with my Corel program. This will make it easier to repaint. Love to try and restoe it.


James R Barnes

 2011/11/28 11:01Profile

 Re: Others May, You Cannot - Tract Shared by Ravenhill

That was pretty amazing, you don't get those kinds of tracts much anymore these days. I amen'd every paragraph as if for myself. Been there, still there, done that, still doing that.

 2011/11/28 17:26

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I read this tract and wept for a long time, this tract was exactly what I needed to hear at just the right time. It honestly helped to clear up things that I've always questioned since I got saved, many things that to me didn't make sense, now they do.

After reading the tract I was praying and the Holy Spirit brought Joseph to mind, I know how he felt pre-Pharaoh days but the Lord carried him through to the end, as a thankful servant.

Thanks from the bottom of my heart!

 2011/11/28 18:47Profile

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