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Discussion Forum : General Topics : a glimpse into orthodox Jews

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 a glimpse into orthodox Jews

for a look into "where" orthodox Jews are "at", may i reccomend a beautiful Israeli film writtne and directed by a Hasidic Jew called [url=]"Ushpizin"[/url]

it will illuminate the "so close, yet so far" torment of my fellow Jews. Its not filth, the film. i reccomend it highly to anyone who follows Jesus.

 2010/3/26 14:45

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 Re: a glimpse into orthodox Jews

Thanks brother. Good weekend movie for me :-)


 2010/3/26 15:12Profile


i thiiink you'll enjoy it, the woman who portrays "Rabbi Moshe Belanga"'s wife is in fact his wife in real life, and i have to tell you, she is a natural, and thats because she's not acting. Both of them are hasidim, Shuli Rand who portrays "Moshe" was raised orthodox, fell away from the Faith, went into the theater world, came BACK to the Faith, wrote and directed this film.

there's a really annointed moment where "Mali", the wife is talking to someone offscreen, professing love and adoration, watch for that moment, its not acting, thats why its good. enjoy, God bless you, neil

 2010/3/26 16:12

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