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Discussion Forum : General Topics : I am tired of talking about Obama health care

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 I am tired of talking about Obama health care

I am tired of talking about Obama health care. It would seem we have hashed it over by from every perspective. Now is the time to seek His face and to know that He will work everything out according to His plan an purpose. Those hidden in the cleft of the rock can not be harmed, no matter who is in charge in the natural. He is our hiding place.

If this has done anything, I hope it has shaken the body of Christ into prayer action. What changes things? A life of obedience to His word. Taking up our cross daily and following Him, Becoming unspotted from the world and coming out from among them and being separate.

It is time to claim our inheritance.

The Lord fights all our battles.

Glory to God.


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 Re: I am tired of talking about Obama health care

AMEN & AMEN from this corner!!

Martin G. Smith

 2010/3/25 12:56Profile


And from this corner too, amen and Frank

 2010/3/25 14:56

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I just wanted to say thank you for what you shared goldminer it does seem that the health care bill has been dominating many discussion both here and in every day life for awhile now. I do try to be careful not to get overly caught up in these kinds of topics but I did find the thread on this topic helpful since I was very much in the dark on some things. I also appreciated the very timely reminder from ginnyrose concerning attitudes of running off to the doctor instead of seeking God for healing. I do think the thread was beneficial and am glad Greg posted it but as you said has been discussed from all perspectives.

God Bless

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 Re: I am tired of talking about Obama health care

The Lord has made it that there must be darkness in order that there be contrast for the Light. Let us so let our lights shine that His name be glorified in all the earth.

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