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 No wasted moments

How is it possible that one moment, in one single moment a decision can be made that takes one so far off course that when they open their eyes, really open their eyes and look around themselves they can hardly recognized how they got to be where they are. The surroundings seem so foreign so unrecognizable that they cry out in despair thinking it was only one tiny decision made in one single moment. And yet in life, there are so many millions of moments that make up living. Moments where words are said, emotions run unchecked, and decisions are made. Moments that can never be recaptured or taken back, that are wasted with selfish living. A moment where a single word "NO" answered to a most important question can change the entire life... And yet it is entirely possible with one selfish decision, in one single sinful moment to find yourself separated from the one you love...How precious is each moment given, how vital is each word spoken...may it be that I seek to live each one in You Lord, knowing that each single moment of the million moments in every day life really do count for something!

in Him

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 Re: No wasted moments

Now that we see, we must endeavor to live in the now - to keep our eyes upon Jesus - that we might see the treasures that He is just now pouring forth. For to look back, or to look forward will cause us to miss living in the moment, which truly is the only place that we can live for both the past and the future are dead. One is past and the other has not yet come to be.

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 Re: No wasted moments

How I agree with this. For me to live is Christ, and should be every moment. If not, I am living for me, God forbid.

This is a wonderful admonition to walk circumspectly. Our enemy goes about as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. He can only eat what we feed him.


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He can only eat what we feed him.


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Is that not based on “the future”? What part is “real” about that which is unknown?

“The future” is HIS alone—HE who walks on water and raises the dead, and gives sight to the blind!

Regret, introspection, depression, pride.

Are those not based on “the past”?

The BLOOD OF JESUS makes ALL things NEW, as we humble ourselves and Believe to go THERE! “The past” cannot exist when covered with the Blood of Jesus!

Can we all agree to LIVE Together ONLY IN “THE NOW” and be worshippers, shunning those other weak places of misTrust?!

“Give thanks, with a grateful heart... LET THE WEAK SAY, ‘I AM is STRONG!’”

“TODAY is the day of Deliverance!”

I do not know who wrote this but it seem to fit so nicely with your post wind_blows! My own prayer is not to waste any of the time the Lord has given me with useless living of seeking to please self. Like you I am in need of courage!

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