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Discussion Forum : Revivals And Church History : Key Differences Between Evangelicals and Anabaptists by By Nolan Martin

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"That would be the exact point"

I was agreeing with you.........Frank

 2010/3/27 12:15


This is comment I made on the other thread, but would probably fit well here...........

"There is no "age of accountability,' in the New Testement. According to Jewish law, the age which a young boy became a man was 13 and a young girl 12. This is when they celebrate their Bar Mitzvah. At this age they become responsible for their own actions. In the New Testement, their is not a single example of a child "coming to Christ", only adults. One could mention "household salvation,' which is typically mentioned in this discussion, but that proves nothing and would be an argument from silence. One cannot build a theology or a doctine on no Scriptures. Therefore, children , up to a certain age, must be considered innocent. Evangelicals encourage very young children to get "saved.' Catholics baptize thier babies to save them from Limbo(even the Catholics did not want to argue that children go to hell so they created limbo) Given what Scripture does say and given the attributes and nature of God, the better assuption is that children are innocent and therefore go to heaven if they die, this makes more Biblical sense. Only doctrines of men would contradict this." Frank

 2010/3/27 12:16

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Hi Frank...


I was agreeing with you.........Frank

I sort of figured as much. I was just looking for the particular statistic that you quoted. I have heard stats like this mentioned in the past in regard to people who "fall away" during college (or, more typically, after children turn 18). I found the "Barna" website (if this is the same firm that you mentioned, but I can't find that particular set of statistics or the article itself.

My wife and I were discussing this recently with some local young adults who are also college students. We were trying to point out that they "don't have to be a statistic." We stressed that the important thing is to know Jesus well enough (particularly in the prayer college) that they would never even consider turning away from our Lord.


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Hey CHris

However, I can't think of any "secure" believers (if that makes sense) who "fell away" due to education, the "secular" environment in the school/workplace, etc..


I know of several who have fallen away while in college. I know one guy who was on fire for the Lord, I never knew someone who loved Jesus as much as this guy did. He was so committed and then he went away to school and by his own admission he is no longer walking with the Lord. He told my husband that once he came under the influence of so many of the professors and the peer pressure it just began to work on his heart and life. He said that while at one time he would have defended his faith now there are just to many questions that he can not find answers to. We have shared with him and prayed for him but he is into heavy metal music, partying, and living with his girlfriend. All I can say is if he lacked a relationship with the Lord before he left none of us saw that and we were together often. I am not saying it was just going to college but there were many factors in the life of going to college that have played a part to where he is now.

There are others as well but as you say who knows what the influences are that caused this. I just know that going away to college seemed to be the common denominator for them. Perhaps if there had been other strong believers around him to encourage him that may have made a difference?(don't know) Just know its really heartbreaking to see where some of them are at now.

in Him

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Hi everyone,

Chris, about this,

"...and then point (or have someone else point) to education as the "cause." I think that the root cause is something else."

We have been discussing something similar in [url=]this thread[/url].

In the book we are talking about, the author puts forward that both Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels were once Christians and had expressed strong Christian ideas in their writtings. In the case of Engels, he says that his faith was severely shaken by a Theologian named Bruno Bauer. He qoutes Bauer from a letter he had written to a friend:

"I deliver lectures here at the university before a large audience. I don't recognize myself when I pronounce my blasphemeies from the pulpit. They are so great that these children, whom nobody should offend, have their hair standing on end. While delivering the blasphemies, I remember how I work piously at home writting an apology of the holy Scriptures and of the Revelation. In any case, it is a very bad demon that possesses me as often as I ascend the pulpit, and I am so weak that I am compelled to yield to him... My spirit of blasphemy will be satisfied only if I am authorised to preach openly as professor of the atheistic system."

This man admits to pronouncing blasphemies so great that the litlte ones hearing him have their hair standing on end.

The Lord Jesus warned about scandalizing the litte ones that [b]do[/b] beleive in Him(Mark 9:36,42). According to the greek dictionary, that is what the word means that is translated [i]offend[/i] in that passage.

It defines it more fully this way:

To “scandalize”; from G4625; to entrap, that is, trip up (figuratively stumble [transitively] or entice to sin, apostasy or displeasure): - (make to) offend.

The New Testament warns about the serious nature of teaching and setting forth doctrine and I do not think this would exclude teaching and education in general, especially if it includes lies and deception, wordly philosophy and criticism, and whatever else that can be concocted in order to [b]sow doubts into the minds of others about the Word of God[/b].

It was the express and exact purpose and tactic of Satan to do just that in the garden when he asked, hath God said?

The root cause of any of our spiritual maladays may be more complicated than one thing. While that may be the case, we have need of being vilgilant to gaurd against what we know can make us sick, in our spirits.

Christopher Joel Dandrow

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