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Manitoba Canada

 ***The Devils Vision***

Author Unknown

The devil once said to his demons below,
"Our work is progressing entirely too slow.
The holiness people stand in our way
Since they do not believe in the show or the play.
They teach that the carnival, circus and dance,
The tavern and honky-tonk with game of chance,
Drinking and smoking, these things are all wrong;
The Christians don't mess with the ungodly throng.
They are quick to condemn everything that we do
To cause unbelievers to be not a few.
They claim that these things are all of the devil;
That Christian folks live on a much higher level.
Now fellows, their theology, while perfectly true
Is blocking the work we are trying to do.
We will have to get busy and figure a plan
That will change their standards as fast as we can.
Now I have a vision of just what we can do.
Harken, I'll tell this deception to you.
Then find ye a wise, but degenerate man
Whom I can use to help work out this plan.
There's nothing so real as the things that you see;
The eyes and the mind and the heart will agree.
So what can be better than an object to view?
I say, it will work and convince quite a few.
The home is the place for this sinful device;
The people deceived will think it quite nice.
The world will possess it, most Christians can't tell
That it is all of the devil and plotted in hell!
We'll sell them with pictures of the latest news;
While they're still looking, we'll advertise booze.
At first it will shock them; they'll seem in a daze;
But soon they'll be hardened and continue to gaze.
We'll give them some gospel that isn't too strong,
And a few sacred songs to string them along.
They'll take in the ads, with the latest of fashions,
Soon watching the shows that will stir evil passions.
Murder and love-making scenes they'll behold
Until their souls will be utterly cold.
The old family altar which once held such charm
Will soon lose its place without much alarm.
Praying in secret will also be lost
As they look at the screen, not counting the cost.
Compromise preachers, who don't take their stand
Will embrace this new vision and think it is grand.
They'll help fool the people and cause them to sin
By seeking this evil and taking it in.
Influence is great and this you can see;
Just look at my fall and you'll have to agree.
It won't take too long, my demons, to tell
That the vision of Satan will populate Hell!
Divorce will increase, sex crimes will abound;
Much innocent blood will be spilled on the ground.
The home will be damned in short order I say
When this vision of mine comes in to stay.
Get busy, my cohorts, and put this thing out;
We'll see if the church can continue to shout.
The holiness people who stand in our way
Will soon hush their crying against show and play.
We'll cover the earth with this devil vision.
Then we'll camouflage it with the name television.
The people will think they are getting a treat
Till the Antichrist comes and takes over his seat.
He'll rule the world while the viewers behold
The face of the beast, to whom they were sold.
We'll win through deception, this cannot fail;
Though some holiness preachers against it will rail."

-- Author Unknown

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 Re: ***The Devils Vision***

It worked, didn't it?


Sandra Miller

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 Re: ***The Devils Vision***

After reading the original post i feel compelled to ask a question that I have been considering for the past few days. A very common argument for television is that it is fake. They reason that they know the difference between right and wrong and can be entertained without being influenced by what they see. My question is can you avoid subliminal effects of negative images or words if intellectually you deny them? I am not really considering the spiritual side of the question because one would have to be spiritually dead or at least very weak to be pursuaded that much of what passes for entertainment is acceptable for a Christian. Is it possible to seperate life into the real and imaginary to the extent that evil does not take hold in one form or another? This seems to go against the admonishment to think on what is good, and pure and lovely and of good report and so on. Also if the lust of the heart is considered by Christ to be adultery how can we behold with our eyes( tv, movies, romance novels) the very same acts and not be guilty? Also does the viewing of sinful acts not follow the form of the apostate church and humanity in Romans 1 "Not only do the same but have pleasure in them that do them"? This was a powerful poem that reveals the insidious nature of televisiona nd other forms of so called entertainment. Thank you for posting it.


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Also if the lust of the heart is considered by Christ to be adultery how can we behold with our eyes( tv, movies, romance novels) the very same acts and not be guilty


Hi washad
I was curios to understand better what you mean by this part of your post. Are you speaking about movies/books that have inappropriate content in them or do you mean any kind of book/movie that has romantic them in them? I ask because I have had to read many historical works of fiction that have romantic themes in them for my womens literature classes and I have never considered viewing these to be a lust of the heart? Many of these kinds of book are required reading in order to pass the class. Any thanks for sharing your thoughts

in Him

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Concerning books I was referring to "romance novels" as in suggestive or explicit descriptions of intimate acts. Romance is a beautiful thing and the story of courtship as described in several classic and modern works can be a source of comfort in an otherwise cynical age.


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This is a good poem and oh so true. Is it right to view such awful sin and to say it will not affect us? Some "Christian" novels are so graghic in their descriptions of adultery and immorality some people vicariously participate in them mentally. Jesus said not to even think upon these things.


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Some "Christian" novels are so graghic in their descriptions of adultery and immorality some people vicariously participate in them mentally. Jesus said not to even think upon these things.

Amen. Many Christians become trapped in a cycle of sin because, although they earnestly desire to overcome the sin, they give far too much attention to it e.g. praying about it constantly.


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