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 Jim Elliot's "Feeding of the 5,000"

There were 2 things that drew me to this sermon: 1)I am currently reading through "Passion & Purity" and have enjoyed Elisabeth Elliot's other writings and 2)I know that Jim Elliot had a missionary's heart and I do too.

What stood out to me the most was him emphazing that we need to focus on the PERSON of Jesus, not the work. I think that focus is what will help lead us into a loving, willful, relationship with our LORD. After reading about this guy, it was nice to hear from him through a sermon. This sermon was a blessing.

Yolanda Fields

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 Re: Jim Elliot's "Feeding of the 5,000"

After reading about this guy, it was nice to hear from him through a sermon. This sermon was a blessing.

Hearing this dear brother in Christ was amazing! You are so right Yolanda the emphasis on the person of Christ is something that is almost lost in all of our beliefs, churches, doctrines, WE need to know Him and share Him. I am so glad you found this sermon a blessing I have listened to it about 3 times now and after posting this I think I will listen to it again, Lord show us the point of it all: To know thee!

[url=]The Feeding of the Five Thousand by Jim Elliot[/url] - [i]Before going to Ecuador as overseas missionaries in 1952, Jim Elliot and Ed McCully, both of the Wheaton College class of 1949, spent six months as home missionaries in Chester, Illinois in 1951. There, according to The Journals of Jim Elliot (Fleming H. Revell: Wheaton, Illinois, 1978), they, "conducted Bible classes for children, preached in every possible place, and had a radio broadcast, The March of Truth, supporting themselves with various kinds of jobs as they found opportunity." Here is one of these sermons preached in 1951, what a wonderful message about the truths of Christ and the gospel.[/i]

[url=]Click there for other Jim Elliot sermons on SI...[/url]

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There may be some visitors to Sermonindex who do not know the background to this preacher. You will find a very short cameo here Jim Elliot

For a full picture be sure to read The Shadow of the Almighty The bestselling account of the martyrdom of Jim Elliot and four other missionaries at the hands of the Auca Indians in Ecuador. New introduction by the author. Ingram "Elizabeth Elliot's account is more thant inspirational reading it belongs to the very heartbeat of evangelic witness"....Christianity Today.

and Through Gates of Splendour The unforgettable true story of five men who braved Auca lances. This edition includes a follow-up chapter that will give readers a unique perspective. After several preliminary overtures of friendship, five young missionary men set out on a crucial January day in 1956 for a meeting with the Auca tribesmen who had reacted with apparent tolerance to earlier gifts and messages. This is the poignant story of their martyrdom told by the widow of one of the slain members of the group.

Ron Bailey

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