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 Natural Church Development (NCD) movement/theory?

Dose anyone on Sermonindex know about the Natural Church Development (NCD) movement/theory? I am particularly interested to know if anyone has had this introduced into their church? And if so, what have they seen. I honestly hesitate to post this question as [u]I am not recommending this [/u] and would not want to stumble anyone.

Has anyone read the books [i]Paradigm Shift in the Church; The Threefold Art of Experiencing God[/i] written by the author (research discoverer) of this. He speaks with a German accent and this was first introduced in German speaking countries (1988). It has since become international.

[b]Home page link[/b]: [url= ]is here[/url]

[b]Site video: Experiences with NCD world wide and [u]a 2 min introductory video[/b][/u]: [url= ]is here[/url] None of the speakers from the different countries seem to have been through 3 surveys and the 31 months Mr. Schwartz reports is necessary. The Norway “testimonial” was a surprise. I think there are a few members here from Norway and I would like to hear anything they know about this.

To God alone be the glory

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 Re: Natural Church Development (NCD) movement/theory?

I glanced over the site and didn't see anything that really excited me. They looked like just another 'church growth'/'church in a box' organization to me.

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Come now brother hulsey they have done research :), I attest that the only church growth I desire to see is a group of individuals that are growing more Christ like and the only increase in numbers I desire to see are brought by the power of God :)

In short I concur with Hulsey.

God Bless,

Matthew Guldner

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