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 Quickening by the Holy Spirit

The last few days the Lord has had me listen to Scripture while exercising. I have been amazed and blessed at how He quickens a deeper meaning to me of what is being read just in the single hearing of the Word. I have been listening to an NASB translation which is foreign to my NIV conditioned ears and yet it still gets through.

I have been amazed recently at just how little Scripture is read publicly among Christians in America. There seems to be an emphasis on getting the meeting done quickly and an unspoken idea that people are unable to understand the Word of God read plainly and without explanation. This is very troubling to me because it takes place in churches that claim to believe the entire Word of God including the passages that state how the Holy Spirit enlightens the meaning and teaches us. What is also frightening is the reality that the vast majority of believers do not read their plethora of Bibles in many translations nor know the Word themselves.

In the past few months the Lord has brought me many times to sermons where Leonard Ravenhill exclaims that there is a famine of the word in churches referring to the proclamation of inspired Holy Ghost preaching. I add that it is even worse than that. People do not read the Word nor will they listen to it.

A while back the Lord instructed me to read 1 Corinthians 7 in its entirety at the Breaking of Bread without offering any explanation. It was a stressful and strange experience because no one literally understood the what or why of it. I inquired afterwards of a few people and they stated that it made no sense to them in the context of communion. I had to explain to them that the core heart of 1 Corinthians 7 is that we are to live our lives in such a way that we are utterly committed to God. the very reason we should even take part in Communion. Then it was as if a light went on and then flickered off as they told me to be sure to explain myself every time I shared. This blindness is utterly frightening because at least one said to me that he was not very smart and you have to explain it to me simply.

Recently the Lord lead me to Acts 18 where we meet Apollos who was a great benefit to the church. When Priscilla and Aquila met him however, he only knew the baptism of John and then they instructed him in the full Gospel (Acts 18:24-28). When I read this I thought of all the zealous men and women who head out to serve but do not have the second baptism. I know that many preachers, teachers, and missionaries are well versed and instructed in the contents of Scripture but they lack the unction that comes with the Holy Spirit. Today the Church worships intellectual understanding of the Word to the decrement of true spiritual understanding.

I pray for the anointing oil of the Spirit on these people's lives that the Body might be built up.

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 Re: Quickening by the Holy Spirit

These days, i find myself, in the bustle of life, forgetting to just simply read the Word.
And yes, I've experienced the unspoken belief that folks can't understand the Word unless some 'learned' person a.k.a the pastor, explains it to them.

I've heard some highfalutin' explanations that only tend to more confusion and reinforces the belief that the Word can only be understood by certain people.

But I also believe that soon, the Lord, in His Sovereign mercy, will visit His people and teach us His Word, Himself, in all of it's glorious simplicity.

Come, Lord Jesus!


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