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Discussion Forum : General Topics : Benny Hinn: "Joel Osteen is a Coward and the Seeker-Friendly Model is demon-possessed!"

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I'm just guessing, but I'm willing to bet he said this simply to rally his supporters into giving him more money.

I doubt it.

Messages like this make some people glad others angry. It wouldn't surprise me if he lost some of his support. I've heard strong messages uttered across pulpits and seen people that we thought were pillars in the Church end up leaving because they disagreed with the message that demanded they change.

 2010/3/11 22:55

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Folks, have we forgotten Matthew 7:15-23? False prophets come in sheep's clothing, pretending to be believers. And they're not afraid to call Jesus "Lord, Lord". Knowing that Christ is the only way to salvation and even standing up for the Truth doesn't make you a true convert. Hell is full of many fundamentalists that stood up for the exclusivity of salvation in Christ. The devil knows Jesus is the only way; the demons also believe in Him and tremble. But you will know them by their fruits.

 2010/3/12 0:57Profile

 Re: Alpha-dog snorting out the competition

This is nothing more than the pot calling the kettle black. The headline could just as easily been reversed with very little difference in the outcome;*

"Joel Olsteen accuses Benny Hinn of being a greedy wolf, and a coward!"...when Hinn was exposed a few years ago, on Network TV of employing his wife for one million dollars a year. The report also had fly overs on video of Hinn's several opulent mansions around America, and his private jets, and estimated his yearly income at between 12 and 15 million dollars.

The report also exposed Hinn's fraud in claiming to support orphanages, which proved to be non-existent. I don't know how he slithered out of that.

Hinn adamantly refused to reply to the News reporters, claiming that his finances were his own business. Evidently he had enough sense to pay his taxes.

Benny weathered the storm, and took his magic touch tour to new heights, with plenty of suckers tucking in that little seed offering...He became bigger than ever.

Two things that I see. This diverts attention from Hinn's recent divorce, and refocuses attention to Benny's righteous stance as defender of the faith.....exposing those mean ole' wolves, like that cowardly Olsteen, fleecing God's flock. What a piece of work. He may have earned a special corner in the lake of fire* for greedy hypocrites that steal and lie in the name of the Lord. He's tripping on his most obvious forked tongue.

 2010/3/12 3:29


That was so good, I am going to hear it again. Thanks for posting this.

 2010/3/12 11:05


Even though that message was good, however, we can't negate the fact that there are too many questions about these other things that have gone on in Benny Hinn's life.

Here is an expose that that will both make you sick and tired of but also warm your heart of a little girl that became a miracle without getting her miracle.

[url=]The Fifth Estate[/url]

 2010/3/12 18:50

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Just a thought...

...but wouldn't it be wonderful for a man like Benny Hinn, who has apparently used the cross of Christ for personal gain, to come forward and admit that he was wrong?

What an impact it could have on the millions who have thrown, well, millions of dollars (and currency from other nations) at his feet! Could you imagine what would happen if Benny Hinn shut down all of the cameras, got rid of all of the houses, cars, and $5000 suits -- and publicly apologized and repented for preaching a message that causes men to covet and lust after the things of this temporary world.

I remember hearing a preacher once say that cancer is an evil. After having worked in medical research for a while, I understand the great devastation that cancer can bring to a person's body. Benny Hinn and other prosperity preachers talk about how it is literally a "devil" at work in the body. I am certain that God has no pleasure in either the suffering of the righteous or the death of the wicked. But...could anything good come from it?

One day, I thought about the incredible opportunity that comes from cancer. There was a part-time janitor in the Church that I attended while a teen. He was diagnosed in December of having cancer that had already spread across his organs. He died less than two months later. It was tragic...and left a wife without a husband and four children without their dad.

At this man's funeral, there were a lot of guests. During the funeral, the pastor gave friends, family and guests the opportunity to speak. I was shocked to hear several individuals say how this part-time janitor had come to them and repent of past wrongs. During his illness, this man "made things right" with quite a few individuals. It made me think that this guy was effectively given the opportunity to realize his own death...and repent of things that he had kept secret from many people. What an opportunity! Most people who die...die suddenly and without much foreknowledge that death was imminent. I don't know where this part-time janitor stood with the Lord before his illness. However, he produced a great amount of fruit in the short time between his diagnosis and his death.

I can't pretend to know where Benny Hinn stands with God. I strongly disagree with much of his doctrine, his lifestyle and his apparent excuse for living in excess. However, I think that it would be a wonderful thing for a man who may or may not have ever had a pure relationship with our Lord to realize the darkness that lay within his message (and possibly, his heart), repent of it, and proclaim it to the people who listen to him. Like Samson, his latter life and ministry could be more powerful than his former life and ministry.

This is what I pray when I pray for Benny Hinn. He is currently going through a separation and possible divorce. Perhaps this might be a catalyst to wake him up (or open his eyes) to his own spiritual condition and the condition of those who look up to him.


 2010/3/12 19:07Profile


Amen Chris, I agree with you. Your words reminds me of Brother Jimmy Swaggart. I know people just cringe when they hear or see that name, but this man has repented and God restored his ministry. We should want that of men who turn back to God, and we should receive Benny Hinn if such a thing happened.

 2010/3/12 19:26

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