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I will risk a few suggestions. It is difficult to find good churches in the center of London, because London empties at weekends and there is no-one left to go to church. So it is easier to find churches in the suburbs.

There are a couple of Anglican churches you might consider, which I haven't attended, but I have heard good reports of:
- [url=]Holy Trinity Brompton[/url], the home of the Alpha Course
- [url=]St Helen's Bishopsgate[/url]

Then a few churches I have had contact with over the years, which originated in the House Church movement in the UK in the 1960's. They all tend to be further out and will require some travel to get to:
- Chase Fellowship: I had there web address, but it no longer seems to work. Details of this church can be found here:
[url=]Chase in a Church Directory[/url]
- [url=]Eltham Green Community Church[/url]
- Epsom Christian Fellowship: They don't have a website, but you will find details of the church [url=]here.[/url]

Hope this helps a little

Kind regards


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