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Joined: 2010/1/6
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 looking for a good read


I am a reader and was wondering if anyone can suggest some good books to check out, new or old doesnt matter. Thanks! Some that you may want to consider are Eric Ludy's Bravehearted Gospel, Vintage Jesus by Mark Driscoll, Passion for the Heart of God by John Willis Zumwalt. Thanks again!

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Charlotte, NC

 Re: looking for a good read

The Cross & The Switchblade by David Wilkerson. A classic.

Jimmy H

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 Re: looking for a good read

I just finished reading the book "The Temple Within" by Milt Rodriguez and heartily recommend it to everyone. Excellent message on deepening one's relationship with the Lord. Read the reviews here:

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Joined: 2009/5/15
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Pacific Ocean

 Re: looking for a good read

Apostolic Foundations by Art Katz...phenominal.

Jeremiah Dusenberry

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Joined: 2010/2/12
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I just read God's Smuggler and Secret Believers. They were awesome books. Both real life stories. Both page turners. God's Smuggler is about Brother Andrew A missionary from Holland who smuggled bibles into communist countries. It was way better than watching a movie. And Secret Believers is about muslims who convert to Christianity, it also has Brother Andrew in it.

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Joined: 2006/11/7
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 Re: looking for a good read

I have to second Areadymind "Apostolic Foundations" by Art Katz is at the top of my list. Here is a few more on my list. I am an avid reader and have been at it for 33 years.

1. The Cost of Discipleshop - Dietrich Bonhoeffer
2. The Real Faith for Healing - Charles Price
3. Who Are You? - George Warnock
4. Hind's Feet on High Places - Hannah Hurnard
5. Spiritual Torrents - Jean Guyon
6. The Normal Christian Life - Watchman Nee
7. Of the Imitation of Christ - Thomas a'Kempis
8. Abraham - F.B. Meyer
9. David - F.B. Meyer
10. The Heavenly Man - Brother Yun

I have many more if want me to share them. All of the above greatly ministered to me. Be blessed.


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 Re: looking for a good read

If you are looking for a read that will challenge you, then pick up the book Pilgrim's Progress,its such a beautiful story that wittingly lays out the Full Gospel by John Bunyan. The original is written in Old English so if you like that then that's good but they do have availible the Modern English which to me is easier to read. Also make sure you have Both part 1 and 2 John Bunyan would a lot of the time write his books in parts. Its a great read!

Matthew Guldner

 2010/3/10 1:53Profile

Joined: 2010/3/10
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 Re: looking for a good read

Reading this at the moment:

The Journal Once Lost - Extracts From The Diary of John Sung

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Miami, Fl

 Re: looking for a good read


I would definitely recommend you read The Jesus you can't ignore by John MacArthur, it's a great book and easy read. He reveals a side of Jesus that not many teachers like to reveal and that being the confrontational Jesus. God bless.

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Joined: 2010/2/12
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I just read the real faith for healing by Charles Price, it really is an amazing book.

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