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Discussion Forum : Articles and Sermons : Looking for messages for jail ministry

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Joined: 2010/3/3
Posts: 2

 Looking for messages for jail ministry

I'm looking for a study on evidence for faith. Way's to be sure you are saved. I see a lot of men over and over that profess to be Christians but that does not explain why they keep coming back to jail. Is there enough evidence in our lives to convict us for Christ. Type of message. Are we self deceiving and not really saved. I have taught on "you will know them by there fruit". Studies but most would still say they are a good person. I know we are not saved by works etc. but I have talked on all these. Just like the 5 point gospel message I share I would like to have a 5 pt point message on how you can know you are saved and regenerated (born again). I just think there are far smarter people than me that probably have run into this before. I see this in recover ministry as well. Any sermons out there. I don't want to reinvent the wheel.

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Joined: 2006/11/26
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 Re: Looking for messages for jail ministry


there are many men that are coming to the Lord and are being saved in the prisons, but few of them are being discipled. These men need to get plugged into a fellowship that is teaching and preaching the uncompromised Word of God. Most of the prison ministries that go into the prisons are sincere, but many of them are leaving the men more confused than giving them help. The local prison that I minister in has a different minister from week to week. Another prison has the same ministry team ministering every week, and this is much more effective, because you can lay a good foundation for the men, and build upon that foundation.

Many end up back in prison because they go back to their neighborhoods where their old friends are. There needs to be a complete break from the old way of life.



 2010/3/3 12:07Profile

Joined: 2007/6/27
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Omaha, NE

 Re: Looking for messages for jail ministry

Brother, I would suggest focus upon the new birth/
new creation in Christ message. Explain how the
grace of GOD has made the difference and changed
your heart and life!! The best witness is a personal

Martin G. Smith

 2010/3/3 13:07Profile

Joined: 2008/10/25
Posts: 32

 Re: Looking for messages for jail ministry

Hi, may I suggest Paul Washer's sermons? I have listened to quite a few and he talks about Biblical Assurance and true salvation quite a lot. There are over 200 of his sermons here on SI.

You can look through the list and download them freely!

[url=]Paul Washer sermons[/url]

Hope that helps! blessings to you.


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Joined: 2008/10/25
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East TN (for the time being)

 Re: Looking for messages for jail ministry

Bro Chuck,

My friends and I have a women's jail ministry. One thing you have to remember... you are NOT the only one trying to present this message to them, there are many if not hundreds of other ministries going in there hourly trying to preach Jesus to them; probably, they are Bible-studied out, probably (edited for clarification). At our jail, attendance is optional and at first most only came to get away from the other inmates, now we see the see ones every week, they can't wait to get there! It blesses my soul!

We started out with a different set of people than we have now, they talked "AT" them literally from 6:30 to 7:30 pm and would kiss them goodbye and tell them what a wonderful time they had had in the Lord!! Hallelujah! That set of people could no longer go in b/c one of their family members was in jail so that left the ministry up to us; so this led to my friends and I taking over.... we really sought the Lord how to present the Gospel to them b/c we didn't want to talk "AT" them in presenting the gospel.

The Lord led us to do several things differently then everyone else and we see the Lord move in there weekly. The Spirit ministers to them way better than we humans ever could!! When the Holy Spirit is on the scene, it's a done deal!!! (huge grin)

God bless you,


 2010/3/3 17:02Profile

Joined: 2006/6/10
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Northern Rockies, BC, Canada

 Re: Looking for messages for jail ministry

Would suggest Keith Daniel & Paul Washer sermons here at SI. There's those awesome Puritan books by Richard Baxter at you can read on-line which would help you greatly, I believe. "Is it not a pity, then, that are hearts are not as orthodox as our heads? But I see we have but half learned our lesson, when we know it, & can say it. When the understanding hath learned it, there is more ado to teach our wills & affections, our eyes, our tongues, & hands." - Baxter


 2010/3/3 18:58Profile

Joined: 2008/12/18
Posts: 49
Hunter Valley, Australia

 Re: Looking for messages for jail ministry

G'day Brother

If its messages you are seeking there are 2 that come to mind that Ive heard recently by Steve Gallagher found on this site. 1 is "church people on the broadway", 2 is
"The assurence of salvation".

Ministry in jail can be challenging and incredibly humbling.

Do you have "Kairos" ministy time where you minister. I have seen awesome changes in inmates who have been touched through this type of ministry. In this week long retreat, held within the prison, love is demonstrated in a very practical way and it provides an opportunity for inmates to be vulnerable, to be broken before God, in an environment where vunerability is a no no at any cost.

One other thought, when William Booth recieved a message from 2 workers struggling to start a new work and seeing nil result, Booth sent a return message with two words
"try tears", they did and they saw God begin to move.
May God bless the work brother Chuck!

In Christ

 2010/3/3 18:59Profile

Joined: 2008/4/7
Posts: 796

 Re: Looking for messages for jail ministry

QUOTE: I'm looking for a study on evidence for faith. Way's to be sure you are saved....they keep coming back to jail.

Read 1 John slowly and prayerfully, repeatedly. The word “know” occurs maybe 40 times (We know, this is how we know/recognize). I think he says how we know we are the children of God 14 times there. Get deep into exactly how it is that loving one another is how we know, what John teaches here that Jesus said, the abiding in this. The source of that love. John 15 and 16 are related to 1 John.

Do you love prisoners the way He did (while they are still His enemy)? Is there even one among the gathered prisoners that has the Love of God for a brother there. Check out the just posted Chambers devotional (THE UNRELIEVED QUEST). How we need to correct the distorted notion of God's Love.

It is almost impossible to speak to someone in prison with out their arguing their case. As though you were their judge! That ever-present impulse to present themselves in a good/not so bad light (so as to get a favorable verdict) is legitimate because there is a judge they should be concerned about. (“I am not your Judge, but you do have one.”). They blame defense attorneys: Well they did have the wrong defense attorney. May still have. Like they have heard people say: the man that is his own attorney has a fool for an attorney. There is a wonderful alternative to recidivism laid out in 1 John. It is not like you do not know about recidivism. Paul too (Romans 7:18-19)

What prisoner does not want to be set free? I did as soon as I felt my chains. Pray that the prison of this world, where they are living, so presses their flesh that they can feel their chains, sense the bondage and the eternal prison. If you are called to this ministry, have a God-given burden, the Spirit of God will supply Him, the Word, the Truth to speak. Praying the Spirit of God quicken His Word on this concern you have to you. Revival breaks out in prison, one kind or another, and among prisoners. Mat. 16: 18.

 2010/3/3 21:28Profile

Joined: 2010/3/3
Posts: 2

 Re: Thank you

Thanks for your comments they are appresiated very much. I asked my pastor the same question and he basically causioned me very politly. Not to seek a litmus test for faith. That it is not our position but Christs and the believers. I will look into William Booths message as well.

Say on another note, I had a chance to go on a missions trip to Brisbane Australia a couple of years ago, it was wonderful. We held a Evangalism Explostion clinic and did some construction work at the Harvey Bay Baptist church Qld there. Big hearted people there the family we stayed with were fabulous. What a great experience, Praise God.

Thanks again,
Be Blessed

 2010/3/4 10:30Profile

Joined: 2008/4/7
Posts: 796

 Re: 1 John

QUOTE: I asked my pastor the same question and he basically causioned me very politly. Not to seek a litmus test for faith. That it is not our position but Christs and the believers.

[b]Sigh[/b]. All preaching is for hearing the truth as applied to us. So much for examining ourselves to see if we are in the faith. Why [u][b]did[/u][/b] John bother to write what we call 1 John? Maybe a Bible study would be more important/useful in the jail and in your fellowship, unless your pastor misunderstood your heart in asking him. He did say "in the believers." It is not like there is not a lot of false assurance going around these days. I find many who come to the point of expressing doubts regarding salvation for a variety of reasons. People even bring others to church because they cannot speak/say what the Gospel is.

Guess I will let this go. Thanking God for your heart to minister Truth. The new heart He gives is quite large. Divine Love seems to do that. It can cause us to weep for others. Sounds like you've met some.

 2010/3/4 12:10Profile

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