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 Need some help with blog?


I could really use some advice especially from some of the husbands(guys) and how would you feel. I think I shared with you guys before that I am taking classes and one of them is a creative writing class. My professor is an awesome lady and she is also a christian which is kind of nice cause there are not a lot of christian at college level(at least in my case). Anyway she gave us this new writing assignment this morning, she wants us to set up a blog(if we do not already have one, which I do not) and we are to write about something that is happening right now in our life. I could right about some of the stuff happening with my mom, but my teacher(she knows just a little of what is happening in my marriage) feels that I should write about that in my blog or at least a combination of the two situations. I am really not sure about doing this because for one I have never written a blog, and two not so sure I want to put my life out there like that? In the assignment guidelines she did say that we can use fake names and places to cover identity if we wanted to. I don't know what do you guys think, should I just go back to my professor and tell her I can't do this, at least not about my marriage. I know I have already written some stuff here but a blog is different, she wants as honest as possible open feelings about daily stuff.I do see it as a positive that I could talk about my faith to and how it has grown from this but still its my marriage and that is so important to me? This assignment is suppose to last until June and will account for large portion of my grade.

Oh also what is the best blog site to use for blogging?

Thanks for any help guys
in Him

Edit: I did talk more with my professor this afternoon and while I can choose what I want to write about I can not get out doing a blog all together. I have to set one up:(

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 Re: Need some help with a possible blog?

I have a blog with It is something
like Facebook but Christ centered and oriented.
If you have reservations about sharing something
too personal, then listen to the check of the
Spirit and don't !

Martin G. Smith

 2010/2/23 14:15Profile

Joined: 2009/1/4
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Hey sojo

Thanks for the info about I am going to check it out later today.

you wrote:

If you have reservations about sharing something too personal, then listen to the check of the Spirit and don't


That is just it, i don't know if this is the Lord telling me not to do this or if its self. I have really been closed off from people for the last year and half. I struggle with letting anyone get to close, and i don't know if i am just falling back into some old self patterns. Not that i mean i have to share my whole life on the internet in order to prove i am not closed off and hiding behind walls but i will say the thought of running a blog and maybe sharing with other people like that does cause me to cringe.

this truly is confusing
much love in Him

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It seems to me that writing in a blog about your marriage difficulties would be a tad bit premature since you two have not yet been reconciled. I guess I would want to respect my husband even though I would be at fault.

I agree with sojourner - if you feel a check in your spirit, then don't. I think you have a good reason to cringe about writing about your personal affairs in detail for all the world to see.

If you want to write a blog, may I suggest that you write about how you came to the LORD, your walk with him. Or, you could write about interesting things you did on the ranch while you lived there - life on the ranch. How did the men brand the cattle? What were your jobs and how did it feel like not having grown up on a farm...You see there are lots of other things you could write about that could be interesting. (I grew up on a farm, too - Dad did row cropping as well as grow a variety of fowl, and farm animals.)

God bless you and I know the LORD will lead you - just listen for the still small voice...


Sandra Miller

 2010/2/23 21:35Profile

Joined: 2009/1/4
Posts: 353



thanks for the suggestions. I will run it past my professor but according to the guidelines she wants us to be writing about things that are happening currently in our lives.(sometimes I don't really like writing). I was thinking this evening about sharing in the blog about my mom and how I have been sharing with her. And just in general about how the Lord has been has been helping me to grow in my love for my mom and taking care of her.

Now to totally change the subject I spent the better part of the day at the hospital with my mom. She came through the surgery alright but she is going to need to stay at the hospital for a few days to monitor things and then she will need to have physical therapy and help for at least the next 5 months.
Thank you for those of you who have been praying for her. I am really hoping that she will be more open to letting me share with her as she is getting back on her feet. She does not want anything to do with anything I try to share with her. Of course my older siblings reinforce that attitude in her so it has been hard with them around.

love in Him

 2010/2/23 21:56Profile

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