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 A Song in the Morning

The other day, when I went to take the dog out, I was delighted to hear a bird chirping as I exited the door. Since it is deep into winter, and the only birds that one is prone to hear is the sound of crows, I found the chirping to be most pleasing. My delight, however, soon turned to dismay as I realized that a sparrow was trapped between the screen and the plywood that is above the porch door. My dismay turned to distress as it helplessly flapped its wings against the screen in an attempt to free itself.

Securing a ladder and a screwdriver I set about to free the little bird. When I pulled back the wood it took a few moments for the sparrow to realize that it was free - and then, the first thing that it did, was to promptly fly into the wall, and then into the glass of the porch door in an attempt to get outside. As it lay stunned at the foot of the door I stepped past it to open the door. When it flew past me, on its way out the door, I noticed that its little face had been bloodied in its frenzied attempts to escape.

Later, after returning with the dog, I was stunned to hear the chirping again. Upon closer examination I found two sparrows perched in the opening where the screen had pulled away - almost as if they were tempting fate. Foolish little birds.

The wonderful thing about all of this is that now, every morning when I take the dog out, I am serenaded by these two little sparrows, which is a great blessing in the dead of winter.

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