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 Where Contentment Is Found


I was reading this and found it to be very encouraging to me. I have been wandering for a bit lately and I realize that the more I take my eyes off of self and keep them on Jesus the more at peace I will be. True happiness, true joy, true contentment can only be found in Him.

God Bless
What makes YOU happy? Stuff for you... or for others? What do YOU want? Life and Peace and Grace and Power and pleasure and fulfillment for yourself—or do you neglect yourself, ‘deny yourself’ and LIVE to see OTHERS experience all of those things? “Godliness with contentment is GREAT gain” (1Tim. 6:6). If you are not content, is it because of your desires for Jesus’ Life in others, or for yourself? We ONLY find our lives, when we lose them and are not pursuing them for ourselves. And then, in ways we could have never orchestrated, in a timing FAR too slow to suit our flesh, of course—Messiah takes us beyond all that we could ask for or imagine. But NOT while we are hedging our bets, or striving or moaning for ourselves. That’s not Jesus’ Way, and He can’t be found there!”

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