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 Bible Summaries

Is there a website where there are cliffnotes of the bible? I'm trying to finish the bible to repent of my laziness of bible reading and I think reading a good summary should help me piece it together better when I read the word.

 2010/2/15 9:20

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 Re: Bible Summaries

Just a suggestion... Try to make one yourself. It will take a long long time, but you may learn more about the word in trying, then in reading others.


 2010/2/15 9:42Profile


Thanks for the suggestion but it does not serve my purpose here. The summary in this case serve a purpose of saving time. I want to get a good grasp of the bible in less than 2 months and finish it.

I will write my own summaries which will help me gain more in depth knowledge but this will probably take 1 year plus.

 2010/2/15 18:27

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