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So when I say they are upside down, that is what I mean, signs without dealing with sin, raucousness without leading toward righteousness, vain jangling without the judgments of God being brought to the fore...

That's about the same conclusion I have come to. I said it as putting the cart before the horse though. It seems in charismatic/pentecostal circles that people are waiting for the sign in order to be blessed. I think the way it works is that the Word is preached, people are convicted, and the signs can then add a little more weight to the situation. Convict and convince.

As far as blasphemy. I thinks it one of those things that we can argue over and over. I think it boils down to this. Do you want to enter eternity, or approach the throne, with your fingers crossed or with your arms outstretched? Walk blamelessly and let the Spirit be your guide. If you do that, no worries.

Matt Smith

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The blasphemy of The Holy Spirit is the rejection Of the Holy Spirits witness that Jesus was the Messiah.The Holy Spirit performed miracles through Jesus thus testifying that this is prophetic fulfilment of ISA 61:1.So those who attributed the works of the Holy Spirit were in so many words stating that we refuse to believe that this is the Messiah thus rendering themselves reprobate.

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Hey bible4life This is a great theme here. I am sure many have dealt with the same questions. I am also sure the enemy has a few "favorites", one is telling people they have blasphemed the Holy Spirit. I am not trying to address all of these other matters but perhaps a couple will help. There is nothing in the Word about "dancing in the spirit" but Galatians 5:25 does say "since we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit." So when I decide to praise Him in the dance according to Psalm 150, I guess I am dancing in the Spirit. According to Romans 8:9, we who have the Holy Spirit in us are "in the Spirit" Selah We see David in Samuel 6 leaping, dancing, and playing before the Lord. It just so happens that the word here for play, played, and playing is the word for laughing. It is the same root as Issac. Psalm 2:4, "He that sits in the heavens shall laugh at them". It is used for celebration and to show contempt for an enemy as well. A friend of mine said if God is holy and if He is laughing, then there must be holy laughter. There is more, but this should cause some further interest in the matter. I have found great freedom in praising God and have seen others get free as well. After all we should be all about praising our great Redeemer. amen



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David wilkerson was preaching on manifestations of the spirit and he spoke against many of the things that were going on like the holy laughter that some were doing in their church. He said that their was a church where the pastor came in to preach and began to laugh uncontrollably the whole service and didn't preach one word, he laughed the whole time. This went on for 3 straight months, no preaching just laughing. I told a friend this and he said what is it a sin to laugh? I think the man did not hold the fruit of the spirit self control in galatians ch. 5.

John Beechy

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