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Dallas, Texas


Dear brethren,

I've spoken about this sort of thing on SermonIndex for some time now, this degeneration of the sweetness, meekness, humility and fragrance of Christ being replaced by an incessant judging, anathematizing, watchdogging and rebuking. It can only go on for so long before a necrosis in the local body begins to spread, like scurvy among vitamin C-deficient sailors.

Have you noticed any recent outbreaks?

Most everything has been soft tissue until now.

When the joy is gone from one's walk, a stagnation sets in. Stagnate water is an ideal breeding ground for flies and mosquitos - or topics without any real substance other than skirting around and buzzing and stinging. But what we really need to be aware of is that some of the stings can carry a debilitating virus, which I've warned that people who continue to play in the murky, stagnate mudhole [i]beside[/i] the flowing river may risk contracting. I've seen the effects of the malady: an overindulgence in fault-finding, a love of debate fueled by a noxious spiritual pride, an immunity to correction, a phobia of grace and mercy, and an underlying palor of personal discontent.

Like Naaman, these are called to dip themselves in a freshly flowing river to be cured of their disease. The river is a humility which is gained by looking unto Jesus. When we look unto Jesus, we become like Him in all the divine aspects of His virture: in His humility; in His patience; in His love; in His meekness. And when we are moved by divine zeal (yes, another virtue we gather) to take a whip to the moneychangers, we'll do it not without tears and authority. The problem nowadays is that moneychangers are being hunted down and whipped [i]outside[/i] the temple, in the worldy marketplaces where they have a legal right to be. We have no jurisdiction there...and thus, no authority. That is why so many current event threads in this forum are not life-giving.

The instances where moneychangers are whipped [i]inside[/i] the temple here are often just as spiritually necrotic, for the whippers have not been deputized by the Lord to undertake the task. Like Peter, they act out of their own zeal in severing ears, and like James and John in calling down fire. The litmus test in all of this is [i]do the exhortions, rebukings, castigations bring life to the body?[/i] If not, they are merely spectacles and feats of the flesh and of an inflamed spiritual pride. We need to turn away from this behaviour if it is all we are accustomed to doing. If we have been thriving off debate and anathematizing other believers and ministries for years in our posts on SermonIndex, and all we have to show for it is how many enemies we've made and people we've rubbed the wrong way, then I believe we are in desperate need of a spiritual biopsy. And the bioposy should not be a self-diagnosis, but a [i]real biopsy[/i] done by the Great Physician. He will give us an accurate reading, and if we allow Him, take His scalpel and remove the cancerous tumor and replace the death with living fruit!

Brother Paul

Paul Frederick West

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 Re: just one good thread.......

The Lord bless you, brother. Thank you for your post. I've seen myself go there far too many times.

Randy Lambert

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 Re: just one good thread.......

i wanted to write a post testifying to some of the fruit that i garnered from this Epistle

Please share the fruit...

In Christ,


Ron Halverson

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Northern Idaho


Thank you Paul for your words of wisdom.

Thank you Neil for the thread. I echo Ron's reply:

"Please share the fruit..."

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 Re: just one good thread.......

Brother Neil,

I was good to hear from you - had been wondering what you were up to. Now we know. :-)

Life gets hard, the enemy is working overtime to deceive the elect, if it were possible, and it causes people a lot of distress. And this is not something new, either. May I suggest that after you finish reading 1 John go read 1 Corinthians, the entire book. Remember this was written to a church in Corinth, a church beset by many problems - actually, it sounds like a modern day church! Then read 2 Corinthians and then Ephesians. Seems to me this should give you some God-like perspective on life and some encouragement.

God bless,

Sandra Miller

 2010/2/7 17:59Profile

 Re: WHY

1 Cor 3:3, "For ye are yet carnal: for whereas there is among you envying, and strife, and divisions, are ye not carnal, and walk as men?"

 2010/2/7 18:10

 Re: brethern

i have so much to say, in response to your blessed reassurances, and i do feel pricked in my heart by my moaning and whining. i feel terrible, and beg forgiveness for such carping on my heart. i have so much to say but i HAVE to go to a doctors appt, i was just in the hospital for 3 days, but have a lot of testimony, positive testimony on my heart. mornings are always best for me to write, evenings not so much. i do so love everyone on this lil forum with the Love of Christ. May the love and the grace and the peace of the Lord be on you all. neil

 2010/2/8 10:37


"It is now fully 8 years since Carter Conlon, in his landmark sermon Run for Your Life, advised Christians to get out of churches, and meet in small groups in homes." ATG

A sermon that I know he didn't want to have to give. I've never seen a pastor grieve for God's sheep as Carter did in this sermon. I don't remember him mentioning house churches (nothing against those, It's been a little while since I've listened so I could be wrong on that), but just to warn those who were blindly following church leadership. Anyway, his sense of duty was powerfully evident.

Standing against such things isn't popular. Really it's a thankless calling. I'm all for edifying the church, an oppressed church will need this when battling that which is against it. But realize that the word 'edify' also means 'to make stronger'. If an inspector inspects a building to determine it's strength and safety and finds a lot of termite damage which compromises the strength of the wood, then that needs to be brought to light. When the matter is addressed then the building is stronger than it was before. It might not be the news that anyone wants to hear but it's necessary. Look at the latest financial crisis. It came because warnings were not heeded. Those who testified to the pending danger were in the minority and were drowned out.

But I've been apart of some very refreshing threads here... people leaning on eachother and supporting a common struggle or need. I love those threads more than any other. When I know I'm not alone in a struggle then I feel a little relieved and able to pray with more vigor. I would like these kinds of threads more than any other... But I'm fooling myself if I think it's not going to be any different some other time.

 2010/2/8 11:32

 Re: just one good thread ...........

ccrider said

I don't remember him mentioning house churches

Well, he didn't quite mention house churches, but from minute 67 (very near the end), he speaks of the need to drink water out of our own cisterns... our own well of living water ............ (and more) .............

[i][b][you've got to] Get out of where you are. You've got to dig a well in your own house. Find some friends that are willing to walk with God. Start talking to them about the things of Jesus. Get together and begin to pray and God will meet you and give you living water.....[/i][/b]

He continues, that the living waters God will pour, will be so great, they will be dispersed in the streets. In other words, as in 'Pentecost Went Outside', such a home meeting should not become introspactively limited, nor would be a way of escaping one's full responsibility to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. He ends, talking about the cost, having already discussed the cost of [i]not[/i] obeying the truth.

 2010/2/8 14:22


Ahhh I see what you mean now. Thanks.

 2010/2/8 14:25

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