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 just one good thread.......

this morning i was in the 1st General Epistle of John, just receiving blessing after blessing, revelations, thinking about what John must have been like, as a person, as a brother, thinking about Jesus, and it was just a joyous time in the Word, a joyous time with the Lord, and i wanted to write a post testifying to some of the fruit that i garnered from this Epistle......this was in the morning. Well, the day intruded, and i was not able to come to the computer till now, about 2045, (8:45 pm cst) and i started to read some of the leading posts, and my heart JUST BREAKS.....this post slams this, that post "speaks out against" that, just a lot of cyber palaber about what people are against, or judging, or short, very little of the Sweet Fragrance of the Resurrected Messiah.

why is that?

grieving and broken hearted, neil

 2010/2/6 21:49

 Re: just one good thread.......

Dear Neil,

I will give you one reason. It's because there is a myth that Christians have to meet in large buildings called churches, in order to please God by their gathering together, even although church buildings did not exist in at least the first two centuries of the church.

why is that?

As a result, many dear saints are struggling to find a way of fellowshipping with other like-minded believers.

It is now fully 8 years since Carter Conlon, in his landmark sermon Run for Your Life, advised Christians to get out of churches, and meet in small groups in homes.

Did anyone hear him?

There are a few on SI who already, or, are now, doing this.


You're right, that they don't have many complaints, because they are too busy obeying.

Having said that, if you, like myself, were watching five hundred saints being deceived by unbiblical doctrine, would your kind heart just leave them to rot, without challenging the lies? Would you just walk away, assuming they were all equally deceived?

And what if God told you to stay, and tend to the sheep, [i]would[/i] you? Without advising them where to find safer pasture?

Just wondering...

 2010/2/6 22:20

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 Re: just one good thread.......

Greetings Neil
I am sorry brother that some of the thread have
taken away some of your joy. I know my own
heart has been heavy due to some family
matters. I think that many do come and ask
questions or share burdens here because
there are not many places for them to find
fellowship with those who love the Lord deeply.
I do know that there are times when I can be to
focused on things and it is good to be
reminded that in Him there is much joy
and reason for rejoicing!

God bless

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This world is not my home anymore.

 Re: just one good thread.......

just one good thread.......

From your lips to God's ears


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Brother Neil,

It is discouraging at times to see an hear the issues brought here, but I am blessed by those that stand behind the truth and declare it. Many sheep are confused and wondering and being decieved so they visit forums because they are invisible in these "congregations". I can't believe some of the things they are taught and accept and as Alive-to-God wrote, there are those here burdened for them.

My time alone in scripture and prayer is altogether separate and truly ( I LOVE I John!) so blessed, but many don't even know the great importance of even searching the scripture, let alone prayer. Once they begin to, they also begin to see error where they attend but are quickly rebuked when questions are asked. I have both seen and heard this myself.

Please be encouraged and not grieved brother. There will always be those that will want to stir up strife here, but there is a purpose as well. Many churches in the very near future will fall face down and the Lord is removing his people right now.

May those that love Him recieve good counsel here and may they learn to love the Word too!


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 Re: just one good thread.......

sometimes i have felt what you share brother neil, what i usually do in such times is go down in archives find a thread that blessed me and most often it has three or four replies and then is forgotten about, but most often is those threads that has spoken a word from God and touched my soul, much more those forgotten threads then most of the ones with hundreds of replies.

I would encourage others to do the same if you find it to be any good and have time to dig a bit. There lies so much beneath the surface that is precious. May we lift forward that which brings life, although i agree on there is a need for "discernment" and coming against that which is false, but when that is all there is, then we have nothing.

Either we can join in on what is happening and most is occupied with for the time being, sometimes it has been cal vs arm, other times a new false prophet or doubtful ministry has become popular etc. So many jump head first into it. Those times we need those who not dive in and straighten out everything but can continue to share the uplifting, the up building, the encouraging. The fragrance you speak of.

May God help us to bring his aroma with us where ever we enter, in houses, homes, churches, forums.

God bless you



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 Re: just one good thread.......

Here is what God told one prophet at the time of sending him.

Jer 1:10 See, I have this day set thee over the nations and over the kingdoms, to root out, and to pull down, and to destroy, and to throw down, to build, and to plant.

There is a lot of work to do before the planting and building starts.

Maybe, even, we have the idea that a field in which tares also have been sown by the enemy, will yield mainly wheat. But, perhaps there will be more tares than wheat, and this would explain the willingness of some people to sit in churches unchanged, under unchallenging ministry.

But what about the saints themselves? Those words were sent to [i]God's[/i] people.

Brother Neil, if you feel called to [u]up[/u]build the saints here, really, you should just go ahead, whatever the cost, according to the Lord's will for you.


 2010/2/7 9:50

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 Re: just one good thread.......

Hello brother,

When I first came here and saw the threads, I was quite refreshed by it, probably because I've never heard preaching and writing like I've found here. Most everything has been soft tissue until now.

I grew up in a Charismatic environment (in some ways I'm still there), and many of the endorsed teachers in the movement, all it takes is a little Scripture searching to find that these movements are in error. Now there are right ways and wrong ways to address error, but the general atmosphere has been that you do not correct error; and if you do, you have a religious or rebellious spirit.

I know that it's possible to take discernment too far and use theological issues as unnecessary dividing points, but much of the church is living in the opposite extreme too. The Bible is thrown aside altogether for the eloquent speaker and the crusading miracle man, not even questioned. When the Lakeland Revival hit, few listened when the warnings were sounded. People sound those warnings though because they love God and love the people. The harsh thing is that many walks will be disabled because of lies such as these.

That being said, it is possible for us to lose the sense of joy that we are supposed to get from the Gospel. Matter of fact, a few weeks ago I came to that realization about myself. Where was the joy of my salvation? Where was my longing for satisfaction in the simple knowing of Christ? I had to stop and think, "Joy is a fruit of the Spirit, so why don't I have it?" It's sound advice for us to sometimes back away from the issues in the church and just be with God, thank Him for what He's done, and know that in all things, this present evil age has never slipped out of His control.

Thank you for this reminder Nathan. I do need a restoration of the simple joy of Christ in my life.

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 Re: Double honor?

Anastasis: Wow! What a blessing. Very profound and simple..There are two sides to the coin. Without the establishment of holy doctrine, and the living of it, the church would be overrun; her walls collapsed, and become Apostate shortly.

Another thing to consider; the church is CONSTANTLY under assault. Satan and his brothers do not sleep, but attack day and night to disarm the true church of her faith. This is done through the lie. It is the weapon of the Liar. Deception is a mixture, and Christian gospel doctrine is of the pure waters of Heaven, and the elders realize that poison can come in a small vial, and can pollute the entire spring. The lie must be confronted, and expelled.

Thereby the great apostle wrote: 1 TIMOTHY 5:17

17 "Let the elders who rule well be counted worthy of double honor, especially those who labor in the word and doctrine."

It is a fight, and people can become weary in it. It doesn't mean, however, that because there is conflict and pressure, that it is necessarily wrong to engage. Sometimes it is a sacred duty.....and yes, one can lose sight of the Lord Himself in the conflict. "Sabbaticals"are a needed thing. I, personally, could use one now....thanks.

 2010/2/7 10:45

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 Re: Why We Fight


Most of us are being brought to the end of ourselves, and are hanging by a thread psycologically. Disagreement threatens our fragility. This is (edit: at least one reason) why we fight.




Mike Compton

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