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Great explanation, and just the right length too. I have shared many of the same sentiments you have concerning translations.

For me, I mostly read NKJ. Like you with the KJV, I feel it hits harder and cuts deeper in a lot of ways. I do like the KJ but I've been reading the NKJ for a long time now, so I usually just reach for it. Like you said with NIV, the NKJ is my memory version. I also like the NASB for their word for word accuracy. Then the only other version I'll consistently reach for is the Amplified, sometimes for reading (I'm working on reading it through all the way)but mostly for verse comparison. Some passages come out so rich and full in it, like Phil. 3:8-10 mmmm...check it out.

Other than that, I don't usually look at too much. I do compare scriptures occassionally in Wycliffe because I like the rawness of it and some other odd translations like Bible in Basic English.


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