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 Thoughts on the Man of Sin

I just read a book by a Dr. Kim Riddlebarger titled, "The Man of Sin - Uncovering the Truth About The Antichrist," Writing from a Reformed view he definitely believes the Antichrist will have a final manifestation in a single person although he shows the spirit of Antichrist has been active since the early church and before all the way up until now. I don't agree with the amill position he writes from and he doesn't place modern Israel in the context of final events. But he is a student for sure and writes well and will make you think about what you believe and why.

Some of his statements concerning the Antichrist follow. He didn't come close to specualting in the book on whom this person may be and that's good in my opinion. He just analyzed the Bible teaching from his view.

Discernment and perseverance needed these days although we aren't in the very thick heat of things right now whenever that may be.

"The final manifestation of Antichrist will amount to an unholy marriage between the bride of heresy and blasphemy against Christ and his kingdom and a groom that takes the form of a satanically energized state (government), which pours out its wrath upon the people of God. The appearance of this individual - commonly called the Antichrist - in whom these two powers merge (heresy and the worship of state) is the supreme and final harbinbger of the coming of Jesus Christ to judge the world, raise the dead, and make all things new." (Intro. - pg. 13)

"It must be pointed out that whatever antichrist is - given the imagery used by John - antichrist clearly involves explicit doctrinal error and heresy regarding the person and work of Jesus Christ, especially his incarnation and the necessary relationship that Jesus bears to the Father: Therefore, in the sense spoken of by John, Antichrist is any heretic, including the multitude of false teachers and the pernicious proto-gnostic heresy already present during the time of John's writing, denying the coming of the Son of God in the flesh. To deny the incarnation of Christ is to be an antichrist, John says. Any false teacher who denies the incarnation of our Lord is effectively doing the work of antichrist and reflects the spirit of antichrist. In fact, the very presence of such individuals is a sign that it is "the last hour." Since antichrist was present in John's time, the only conclusion that can be drawn is that we have been in "the last days" ever since!" (pg. 84-85)

"It should also be clear that John's multitude of antichrists can be directly related to the warnings our Lord gives us about false christs - false teachers who would be characteristic, in part, of the "last days" (see Mark 13:21-23). This is also probably related to Jude's warning about the need to contend for the apostolic faith in the face of unbelief (Jude 3-4), and that of 2 Peter 2:1-22, where we are warned of false teachers who attempt to secretly introduce heresies. Indeed, Warfield's conclusion aptly sums up the central thesis of John's warning to his dear children. "So long as a Divine Christ is confessed in the midst of a gainsaying world, so long there will be, as in John's day, many Antichrists."

"They come closer to the truth when they warn us about government upsurping its God-given role and seeking the adoration and worship owed to God by his people.This is a real and pressing threat to all Christians. The worship of the state or its leaders in all of its forms is a false religion. It is the very essence of the beast." (pg. 174)

"Therefore, any state that usurps divine authority and honor and insists upon the worship of the state or its leaders can be said to be engaged in this practice." (pg 175)

"Based upon John's discussion of the beast and the harlot Babylon, the final manifestation of the beast and its leader will not be so much a Nero redivivus but a beast redivivus. If we want to know what the Antichrist and his kingdom will be like, we look to the Romans Empire and the imperial cult already present in the pages of the New Testament, taking the lives of God's people and preventing them from buying and selling. This is what the final beast will seek to do - wage war upon the saints because they refuse to worship him or his blasphemous image. But the beast will be destroyed by the Lamb who has already overcome him! If John is clear about anything, it is that the Lamb wins in the end, not the dragon. When Satan and his surrogates wage war on the saints and kill them (Rev. 13:7), John tells us that the saints come to life and reign with Christ for a thousand years (Rev. 20:4)." (pg 176)

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