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sermonindex wrote:
I have recieved the cards that have been printed today. If you want some cards to hand out to people to help spread the word about this ministry please email me at: or reply to this thread letting me know.

Are these still available? ;-)
I've been wanting to have something similar to these to give to people to recommend SI to them. What about having a pdf document or something with a sheet of these to print up on cardstock?

 2007/3/9 21:58

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Just write out on pieces of paper (that you can cut using scissors if you wish) ""

I don't see the practicality of these business cards unless your someone like Greg who operates and runs the site. For the most part, a sheet of paper in my view that has the web address is quite enough.


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I’m also interested in these cards.

It seems to me people tend to treat cards with a little more respect than just a piece of paper.

I would also like to voice a vote for “wagon boy”...I just love that pic!!!


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Defintley intrested in getting some of these cards.


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What about having a pdf document or something with a sheet of these to print up on cardstock?

Great idea I will see what I can come up with.

For now these are available:

[b]SermonIndex FLYERS![/b]

As for the cards I had 3000 when I first ordered them over 1 year ago and now am about out of them. I am probably going to re-design new cards and post them on the site. If some people are very zealous about getting some I can mail a box. I will post a update here once the new ones are available. Thanks for the for the patience saints.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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Many of us have decent printers available at home. A pdf file with an 8.5 x 11 layout would save you considerable printing and postage costs. I woul love some cards if a file could be emailed to me. Even a one up would work, as my wife is a graphic designer and could do the layout herself (I'm hopeless with these things).

Blessings to you,


Doug Fussell

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