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I know that Jesus did a miracle in my life, just ask my wife. That is all the sign I need. My point is not that I need a sign but that there is nowhere in the Bible that says specifically that miracles ended.

The longer I walk with the Lord, the more I distinctly see that miracles and gifts are primarily a sign for unbelievers and not believers. Note, that isn't to say that God won't do a [i]tangible[/i] miracle in the life of a believer (for He's done some fantastic things in my life post-conversion in the physical realm); the miracles instead that God shows His own child are of the [i]hidden[/i] nature, the effectual workings of faith that lead to progressive transformations in the inner man.

There's something about the physical versus the spiritual that corollates the unregenerate and the regenerate. Take Nicodemus for example; Christ speaks to him of spiritual matters and Nicodemus' carnal mind processes it through a carnal filter. The scribes and Pharisees incessantly requested signs and wonders to validate the authority of the Son of Man on earth. Many modern-day believers have this mindset reversed: they've already validated the authority of Christ in their minds, and are now asking for signs and wonders as a result.

I've found that the deeper the revelation on the inside, the less apt we are to seek physical signs on the outside. We suddenly have a peace throughout each trial; where before we ardently importuned God to give us a tangible desire we can behold in a literal sense (that is, something our eyes can see, ears can hear, hands can touch); we now set our sights on something far greater, invisible in the eternal.

Paul Frederick West

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