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THE Word of God answers the question explicitly on all reading, and multimedia choices of this age! First let us look at Philippians 4:8 than Romans 12:1-2 God outlined our criteria. Secondly we are to take the admonition of Colossians 3:1-10. Friends, the nearer our Spirits come to the Father the more strange and less powerful our soulish carnal demands become. The only solution is to immerse ourselves in the things of God, the spiritual disciplines of prayer and separation will lead to further sanctification and consecration.Remember dear brethren, put off the old and put on the new! I pray the Lord give you all amplification of these timeless truths.He whom the Son sets free..shall be MADE free indeed. May the LORD bless you all as being on this site fulfills one of these very mandates, bless God for raising up those responsible for this endless place of edification!!

Until All the world has heard,

Pastor Michael Weintraub

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I agree brother Michael. I was shocked when I saw the subject of this movie appear on the forum in the first place. I fear that many are simply doing what is right in their own eyes because too many that lead the flocks are afraid to denounce such things and that the Word is not dwelling in them to a point of making proper decisions.

This movie and the is demonic to the core and I wouldn't even consider viewing it even for curiosity's sake. I'm so sad because don't realize what they are spiritually exposing themselves to when they are in these situations. It is evident that these creatures are blue demons and that people are being dumbed down to receive them as normal.

Who is so blind as the Lord's servants. We must really be so careful. I know so many brethren whose children and teens are having depression problems etc. but not seeing what they are feeding their spirits with.

I read an interesting article about the persecuted churches. They refuse to have anything to do with American Christianity and I think I know why. They said it was poison and called it for what it was. The music, the hyper services, the watered gospel.

I think of Zimri and Cozbi in Numbers 25 6-8 and how Phinehas stood up and thrust them through with the spear. We are so casual about sin and the evil things being done by God's people so needs to stop. We need men that will stand in the gap and warn the Lord's people once more. May he raise up more laborers. We need to declare openly that these things are so offensive to our God and we actually insult Him when we say He understands.

God help us.


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Quote: '...the nearer our Spirits come to the Father the more strange and less powerful our soulish carnal demands become.'

So true. It is distance from God that causes us to look for other things to fill the place that God is supposed to fill.

So far, we seemed to have learnt nothing.

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I am locking this thread, there is another thread open on this topic:


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