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Discussion Forum : General Topics : Lukewarm Christianity

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 Lukewarm Christianity

Why and how to Christians get "lukewarm" in their faith? IF they do, what can they do to snap out of it. I would to hear your thought on this topic. Thanks!


a Jesus freak

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 Re: Lukewarm Christianity

Read the Holy Scriptures. As you read, thoughts will seem to continually surface for which you have no answer. Continue to read. Believe every word, even if you don't understand. Listen to your heart, is there a struggle because of what you hear? Do you say to the thought surfacing in Scripture, "It is not really saying what it is saying." Ask yourself, does it glorify God or by dismissing the thought, it allows me to continue the path I am on.

If we submit, we will see a truth that continually amazes us. The glory of God continually confounds the wise of this world. The glory of God continually overthrows the efforts of the mighty of this world.

"...Whoever walks the road, although a fool, shall not go astray." Isaiah 35:8

In Christ

Jeff Marshalek

 2004/10/7 13:35Profile

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Doug it's a question to pray and seek the Lord's face about. One of the saddest things to me is that the church of Laodecia was unaware of their condition.

If we're lukewarm, we've lost the fire. How can one have intimacy with Christ and lose the fire? Isn't our God a consuming fire? Yes, of course He is.

How does this complacent life develop? I think it's because the church has lost its dependence on Christ. It's okay God I can handle it. One doesn't initially say that but that's the spirit that's behind it.

We see in Revelations that Jesus himself was outside of this church. What a sad state of affairs.

In short, we end up here because we want to do it ourselves. Instead of living in the power of the Spirit, we live in the power of our strength. If we do this, we'll always end up at the end of Isaiah 50.

How do we get out of this mess we've created? By submitting to Christ through the convicting power of the Holy Spirit. It's always the Holy Spirit that draws us to Jesus, but we have to have ears to hear and be willing to turn (i.e. repent) once he shows us our sin. The thing we have to be prayefully concerned about is "Am I allowing the Holy Spirit to convict me of sin?" and "How Am I Responding to His Voice?"

Am I repenting or saying Lord, it's okay I've got it under control. We'll create a new program to deal with that, we'll substitute emotion for repentance and we'll give lip service, rather than submission to your call. Scary stuff brother to say the least.

Let the Holy Ghost fan into flame this burning desire to know Jesus, love Jesus and serve Him no matter what.

Ed Pugh

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I have found in my own life that luke warmness happens in periods. when you begin to get more involved with the world and less involved with God. I also have found that the best way to expediently get out of it is to find something in the word to act on and to share Jesus with someone. it is when the church begins to be hearers of the word and not doers that they become stagnant. especially here in America where we have so much Gospel and so many churches the tendency is to become lethargic. I also have found that a river with an inflow and no outflow soon becomes a murky swamp but a river with a strong inflow and outflow remains a rushing mighty river vibrant and full of life. in other words if all you do is hear the gospel and never tell someone else the gospel it won't be long til it seems you have dried up...

hope this helps and God bless

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Cape Town - South Africa


in other words if all you do is hear the gospel and never tell someone else the gospel it won't be long til it seems you have dried up...

I absolutely agree. Another thing one can add is that when we give our time we are suppose to give to the Lord to all the hurries and things of this world and not keep our quite time as we should, we backslide and lose the fire of the Spirit. And then there is the evil heart of unbelief which Paul also shows to and with which I also many times have struggled with. The more we backslide, the more unbelief and the less time in prayer and the Word.
How do we get out of it?? Seek God in Prayer and soak yourself in His word. Even if it doesnt feel as if it help, keep on seeking Him, for He said that those who seek Him with all their heart will find Him. And then humble yourself by only going to Him and to ralize that we can do nothing in ourselves. He says, Come unto Me! But we must do that and trust and obey!!

May this become a truth in my and everyone's life.

Love in Christ

Johannes Jacobs

 2004/10/8 2:30Profile

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 Re: Lukewarm Christianity

Lukewarmness is created by a mixture of hot and cold. In other words, doublemindedness, or having one foot in the world and one foot in the kingdom. Jesus said, you cannot serve two masters. You will either love one and despise the other, or you will despise one and love the other. He said, you are either for me or against me. I pray almost daily that God would forgive my doublemindedness and heal my mind. I ask him to teach me how to be single minded. In another place, the Bible says, if your eye is single, then your whole body is full of light. A single eye is the same as a single mind. We must be diligent about dethroning every idol in our lives. That takes some extreme self-honesty. The bottom line is honestly looking at your thoughts and intents of the heart and seeing where you are not in agreement with God. Agreement with God is the key to maintaining devotion to God.

 2004/10/8 6:25Profile

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